About Us

Previously a part of Light Novels World, separated and became an individual entity on 26th February 2017. AuraRealm translate Chinese and Japanese novels to English, as well as give opportunities for original novel authors to showcase their writing work. As of now we are currently working on:


  • Against the Fate
  • Dragon Blood Warrior
  • Hell Cinema
  • Twin Sword


The Team:

Currently Light Novels World has a small team of translators, proofreaders and editors working on different novels.


  • Immortal Dreamer (Peerless Demonic Lord/Dragon Blood Warrior)
  • La Phong (Against the Fate/TwinSword)

 Translation Checker:

  • Sliver (The Legend of Cultvation God)
  • Udeze
  • YaFed



  • Scan
  • Leo
  • LittleBubble