Dragon Blood Warrior – Volume 3 Chapter 6

Volume 3 Chapter 6: Snatched Spirit Drop


At this time, four huge flame balls suddenly appeared in front of Aiwa’s body, which were followed by four huge thunderclaps like. Aiwa dodged back with Wuya, also grabbing Beira who had came over. Those three floated back 1 zhang back as if they were floating in the sky.

TLN: Zhang = 10 Chinese feet = 3.3m

The flames rose up to the sky as waves of wolf’s howling transmitted out of them.

A wave of deep smell of burnt flesh floated around. It was the smell of the God Wolves fur burning like a raging inferno.

After the smoke scattered, the places from where the thunderclaps emerged each had God Wolves corpses, their bodies were mutilated, limbs separated, body and head lie in different places, mostly becoming scorched.

The smell of burning flesh dominated over the remaining God Wolves.

They felt the death god’s threaten for the first time.

All the God Wolves suddenly sat there, foolishly looking at the scene as if they have suffered an unexpected calamity.

Suddenly, a huge God Wolf raised its body from within the wolf pack, it issued out a mournful yell after stretching it neck, and all those God Wolves looked towards it. Naturally, the new Wolf King had instantly emerged after the previous Wolf King’s fall.

After that mournful yell, all the God Wolves crowded around the new Wolf King.

Aiwa thought another large fight was going to take place. Although he didn’t want to slaughter too much, but in order to save his beloved’s life, he would not hesitate to do it.

What went against Aiwa’s expectation was that the Wolf King slowly turned its body, walking over towards the ravine.

Besides the God Wolves whose backs were broken, all the other God Wolves retreated along with the Wolf King.

Aiwa naturally didn’t want to waste his strength, if these guys wanted to retreat, then it couldn’t be any better than that.

[Are you alright?]

After making sure those God Wolves had gone far away and didn’t present a threat towards them, Aiwa came back to Beria’s side and asked with concern. When he saw the Wolf King throwing itself towards her; he felt as if his heart was going come out of his throat, because the contrast between Beira’s petite body and that huge God Wolf was very big.

[I’m alright. Are you alright Older Sister Wuya?]

Beira was really concerned and directly embraced Aiwa and Wuya. It was already pointless to think who had won and lost, what’s important was that they were able to survive safely, she also didn’t wish for any scars to be left on Wuya’s pretty cheek.

Hearing Beira’s caring words, Wuya couldn’t endure anymore as tears appeared out of her eyes: [Beira, I was really scared just now! If something happened to you then how would I explain it to the Generalissimo?]

[Take a look at you two, unable to take care of yourselves, and now you’re worried about the other person.]

Aiwa sat on the ground. He was really tired, especially after so many thrilling experiences, who knows how many of his brain cells had died on this path.

[We’re very good sisters, what’s wrong with that?]

Wuya disputed.

[You’re so modest to each other since you are such good sisters, or else perhaps you would have already been facing each other with a blade?]

Aiwa directly lied on the ground. Two maids were frightened and quickly stripped their clothes and put them under Aiwa’s body. Right now, Aiwa was their great saviour, without him, they would have already been buried in the wolves bellies. Therefore, they were delighted to use the coat which they had obtained after innumerable contributions to be used for Aiwa, as life was priceless.

Aiwa glanced towards the maid who had taken off her clothes to make a cushion for him. That maid was older than the other maids, seeming more mature, what should stick out really stuck out and what should be curved was really curved. Especially her breasts, after stripping her coat, the outline made on her soft undergarments by those plump peaks were very tempting.

[Come, You also sit here.]

Aiwa looked at that pretty maid, pulling her hand to make her sit down. Without receiving Beira’s order, how could that maid dare to sit? After Beira nodded towards her, she sat down.

[Just now, your master was saved thanks to you; you’re a really brave girl!]

This maid was one of the two maids who had protected Beira from the Wolf King.

[Your wound isn’t hurting?]

Aiwa looked over the maid’s body, discovering that a small gash had opened up on her arm, with blood flowing out of it. Aiwa quickly pulled her arm, using his mouth to suck on her wound. Aiwa was very well versed on the wound spell, if only he used his saliva to clean any skin and flesh wound, while reading the wound healing spell a few times, then that wound would heal very soon, not even leaving a scar.

Aiwa naturally didn’t wish for any ugly scar to be left behind on the maid’s tender skin, he sucked in two mouthfuls, her blood was very sweet. Aiwa didn’t think that it was strange, because he had never tasted blood before, only sucking in the maid’s blood, made him very excited.

Aiwa sucked on the place where the wolf had clawed, using his tongue to lick on her wound one time, reading the spell two times. That gash slowly started to heal in front of everyone’s eyes.

What made the maid amazed was that the wound slowly disappeared as if her arm had never received a wound.

[Aiwa, you’re really awesome!]

Wuya stared in awe.

Aiwa ignored her fussing and continued to look over the body of the maid protected her master, seeing another hole on her undergarments, Aiwa though that another wound was surely there on her body.

[Let me take a look.]

Not waiting for the maid to agree, Aiwa quickly tore open a region of her clothes, there was another gash near her snow like exquisite navel region which even more deeper than the one on the arm.

Beira had a very good opinion regarding this maid; so she stripped the maid’s undergarments herself, revealing her entire upper body in front of Aiwa.

[Quickly treat her! The blood’s still flowing!]

Beira said. Seeing that maid make a hurting gasp after Aiwa touched that wound with his finger, Beira felt as if that wound was on her body.

Seeing the maid’s snowy upper body, Aiwa’s blood boiled up. Although she was only a maid, but her figure was not that different from Wuya, she was even more developed than Wuya; two perfectly round and exquisite breasts on her bosom, one look at her captivating red nipples could reveal that they still haven’t been cultivated.

Aiwa was already excited after sucking this girl’s blood, and now after looking at the gash on her navel region, he was again prompted by a sudden impulse.

Aiwa also didn’t want to get tired, so he directly sat there, sticking his face on the maid’s navel, those full rounded breasts wrapped around Aiwa’s head. The maid shyly looked towards Beira.

[What are you afraid of? He is also your master. You should be grateful that he’s helping to heal you.]

Beira said. Seeing Aiwa was fond of her maid, she also felt happy.

Aiwa’s hands caressed the maid’s waist as his tongue slid up and down on her navel region. By the time Aiwa lifted his head, there wasn’t even a shallow scar on her navel region.

The maid thought of wearing her clothes but Aiwa stopped her, thinking it would really be a great loss if he wasn’t able to eat such good breasts. The maid also didn’t dare to be shy, without any other option, she brought her breast near Aiwa’s mouth to be sucked. Aiwa softly bit on her nipple, that bite changed the expression on the maid’s face.

[Oh] The maid softly moaned, Aiwa’s bite really hurt her and she couldn’t help but shout. Aiwa bit her until her nipple was bleeding in his mouth, but he used the previous method again to stop her bleeding, the pain also disappeared. When the maid was putting her clothes on, she felt a bit reluctant to have left the feeling of getting licked by Aiwa, but she knew Aiwa was her master’s lover, and she was merely a maid, and she couldn’t dare to have delusions, therefore she quickly stood up and withdrew back.

[You return first! I and Wuya will return back with the fur of those two God Wolves that were shot to death.]

Aiwa said to Beira.

[All right! I’ll wait at the cave with them. Right! Those two? Who shot them?]

Beira asked impatiently.

Just now she still didn’t have any plan to strive against Wuya, but after hearing that two God Wolves were shot to death, her heart couldn’t help but throb. If they were Wuya’s spoils of war, then wouldn’t that mean she would have to surrender Aiwa readily?


Wuya said. She could comprehend Beira’s thoughts right now that they were shot by her. She also didn’t want to strive against her at this time.

[Oh … …]

Beira felt relieved; her age was still small, it was impossible for her to cover up her heart.

[You return first! We’ll come back in a moment.]

Wuya pulled Aiwa and walked over to the place where the God Wolves with pierced throats were lying, since there were far from Aiwa’s thunder palm, they weren’t roasted and still had a intact corpse.

Aiwa fished out a blade from his pocket and peeled the fur of those two God Wolves along with Wuya’s help. This was the proof of victory, after returning to Tanzya, he would surely be considered a hero.

Aiwa was good in all aspects and that’s why he was inevitably linked to pretty woman. He busily trained in Favargo every day, visiting the residents; therefore he naturally didn’t know Favargo also had beautiful women. After coming to Tanzya, and seeing these beautiful women like Kayseri, he unexpectedly indulged in pleasure while forgetting his home and duty. And now, he had unexpectedly taken risks by coming to this Death Valley of Khalila Grand Canyon for Little Princess Beira.

Before this, Aiwa never knew the danger of Khalila, he didn’t expect the God Wolves from the legends were this vicious and numerous; naturally, he also didn’t know his thunder palm would cause the God Wolves to retreat. He was thinking of making a small thunderclap in this extreme emergency and escape with Wuya. The current situation was the result of his Dragon Blood blood vessels combining with Kayseri’s Blood Shed blood vessels, if not, he would have already lost his life.

Aiwa and Wuya returned back with the wolves’ fur. At this time, Beira ought to have already returned back to the cave. He wanted to take a good rest, making that maid spend one night with him in passing. Even if he didn’t make love with her, merely holding her soft body would also be satisfying.

At the time Aiwa and Wuya were slowly returning, another sandstorm passed by, covering over the entire canyon.

[Haha Haha … …]

The sound of a woman’s laughter, flit across Aiwa and Wuya’s head. Aiwa lifted his head and saw that on top of that sandstorm, there was a woman floating in the sky.

[Who are you?]

Aiwa yelled towards the sky in a loud voice. Aiwa could only glide and couldn’t fly in the sky like that woman. Therefore, seeing this scene, Aiwa yearned for it.

[Haha Haha … …]

The woman laughed in an unrestrained manner for a long time and flew towards the ravine, quickly disappearing.

[This is what kind of person?]

Aiwa thought that since Wuya was a local Tanzyanian, she had some understanding about Khalila Grand Canyon.

[I also don’t know, I have never seen such a ferocious person!]

Wuya’s mouth was also wide open, looking at the sky, she was also bewildered.

[Really! I thought you would know!]

Aiwa was disappointed looking at the empty sky and said.

[Perhaps Beira knows, you can go and ask her!]

Receiving a blow from Aiwa again made her feel very unwell. She knew Beira held the most important position in his heart and couldn’t help but feel jealous.

[All right! We’ll go back and ask Beira. I definitely have to pay a visit to such a fierce person.]

Aiwa had learned many skills from the East Empire, he naturally wanted to obtain this fierce movement technique from this woman, he had never heard of such a ability in Hass Empire which could allow a person to fly inside a canyon like this.

Just now Aiwa was foolishly hearing to wind’s sound and didn’t notice that Wuya was annoyed; he still hoped that Beira knew the story behind this woman flying inside the canyon.

Right now, Wuya had become Aiwa’s attendant, carrying the wolf’s fur still dripping with blood. He seemed like a triumphant Generalissimo returning from a victory as he walked ahead.


Wuya’s hands were already tired from lifting the heavy wolves’ fur and she couldn’t help but scold.

[What are you saying about wanting a heart or lung? These two furs are enough. After returning, I’ll say that they were beaten by you, it would be a wonder if they didn’t hold you as a great hero!]

Aiwa was excited and he placed his hand on Wuya’s shoulder, forgetting that she was carrying the two wolves’ furs.

Wuya could barely lift those two wolf furs, and right now Aiwa’s hand was pressing on top of her shoulder, how could she be able to endure it? This was different from getting pushed by Aiwa on the bed, that time she was not conscious of Aiwa’s weight, and now, she found that Aiwa’s arm which seemed very light to be very heavy. However, how could she speak out, it was Aiwa who took risks inside the canyon this time. Even if she was tired, she could only strain herself, and keep on persevering … …

However, when they still haven’t reached the cave, one of the maids disorderly ran outside and yelled towards Aiwa and Wuya: [Master, no good, The Princess she … …]

That maid’s complexion was deathly white due to exhausting her breath.

[What happened to the Princess?]

Aiwa grabbed that maid’s collar and asked.

[The Princess she … …]

Because of gasping for breaths, and also perhaps because she didn’t know how to describe the situation, every time she could only speak those 3 words.

[Let’s go and take a look!]

Wuya handed over the two wolves’ furs to the maid and those two quickly ran towards the cave.

All the maids were surrounding Beira, continuously calling out her name, but Beira’s eyes were closely shut, not giving any reaction.

Wuya quickly ran forward and anxiously asked the maid: [What happened to the Princess?]

[A woman suddenly appeared at the cave entrance, she lightly patted over the Princess’s head and she became like that!]

That woman recounted the whole affair to Wuya while sobbing.

[A woman?]

Aiwa immediately remembered the good-looking woman who flew towards the canyon’s abyss. He squatted down and used his had to examine her breath; Beira’s breath seemed very weak, her bosom slightly moved up and down, it was proof that she was still alive, and examining her condition of her veins, they didn’t feel vigorous like a regular person.

[How is it?]

Wuya anxiously looked towards Aiwa, she could only have hope in Aiwa, he was so ferocious, omnipotent, so he ought to have a method to cure Princess Beira.

[I don’t understand the art of healing.]

Aiwa dispiritedly shook his head.

[Don’t tell me we’ll have to take Beira back like this?]

Wuya thought she would be unable to explain this to the Generalissimo, although she wasn’t in charge of Princess Beira’s safety, but this matter had happened because of her, if it caused a setback in her, her heart wouldn’t stay peaceful , and then, would it matter if she obtained Aiwa?

[The solving method need the related person, I’ll go to find that troublesome woman! If she doesn’t cure Beira, see if I don’t burn her to ashes!]

The recent battle with the God Wolves had increased Aiwa’s confidence, he thought he would definitely die but he still made a new turn, making the God Wolves retreat. Therefore, he could only go and fight that flying woman right now.

[That woman is so fierce, you… … nothing will happen to you right?]

Wuya was worried about Aiwa’s safety, if he encountered an unexpected accident, then how could she keep on living?

[Isn’t she a woman? If it’s a woman, then I have the means to handle her.]

Aiwa proudly pinched Wuya’s breast. If he used his huge meat spear inside her daoist immortal cave right now, then it would really be difficult to invoke her desire, because the recent matters had made her heart very anxious. If she had known it was going to be this way, she wouldn’t have competed with Beira.

Wuya naturally knew the ferociousness of that long thing at Aiwa’s crotch, having sex two times had already pounded her and made her suffer terribly, and that meat spear still hadn’t gone inside her completely, if it did, it would be a wonder if it didn’t overturn her intestines. Wuya prayed in silence, if only that woman capable of flying also had the 7 emotions and 6 desires like her, then she could be fucked by Aiwa into confusion and be forced to cure Beira.

Thinking back, Wuya wasn’t very certain regarding Aiwa, after all, that woman could fly; her strength seemed deep and unfathomable.

[I’ll also come with you!]

If something happened to Aiwa, Wuya would also not feel like living anymore.

[What can you do by following me?]

Aiwa himself didn’t have a surety about subduing that woman, so he didn’t have any confidence regarding Wuya.

[If we have one more person we will become stronger! After you subdue her, I’ll strip down her clothes.]

[What’s the use in stripping her clothes, in such an uninhabited region, would it matter if she’s naked?]

Aiwa sent a disdainful glance towards Wuya.

[But Beira had an accident because of me, I can’t watch with folded arms.]

Wuya’s words were determined.

[All right! We’ll leave right now.]

Aiwa had Beira’s bow on his back, a maid handed him a long sword from the side, and Wuya also took her long sword. Those two went to search the valley.

Those two walked for about 10 li but they still couldn’t find anything on the nearby cliffs.

[Repulsive witch! If you have the guts, then come out. I’m going to fuck you to death!]

Aiwa bellowed towards the canyon’s abyss, wishing to lure the woman out.

[Haha Haha … …]

A licentious laughter resounded inside the valley, however, Aiwa and Wuya couldn’t even see that woman’s shadow.

[Where are you? Older Sister Fairy, quickly come out! I want to see you!]

After hearing that woman’s laughter, Aiwa unconsciously restrained himself, not scolding her and rather tried to win her favour.

[Didn’t you scold me by calling me a stinky woman just now? Why are you shouting for Older Sister Fairy to appear now?]

A sleeved robed woman arrived on top of the cliff while fluttering in the sky, dropping on a huge stone 1 zhang away from Aiwa and Wuya. That woman wore a veil, however looking through the veil was sufficient to make a man’s nose spray blood. Her figure was tempting like a fairy, her clothes seemed to be made of muslin, her figure could be faintly seen though it.

When that woman floated down in front of them, Aiwa and Wuya couldn’t help but tighten the grip on their long swords, retreating their bodies back a step. And that woman was unarmed and defenceless, only having long fingernails.

[Want to fuck me to death? Then you must be really ferocious? Why don’t you let me see how you fuck me to death?]

The woman’s voice was sweeter that that previous laughter within the air, it was like the sound of a brook flowing down within a mountain.

[I … … want to ask you, did you harm my younger sister?]

Aiwa directly went to the subject. Although this woman appeared like a fairy, her heart was surely like a snake. He didn’t hope for much, if she gave Beira’s cure, then he also wouldn’t request anything else.

[Aren’t you falsely accusing a person?! I haven’t harmed her!]

That woman coquettishly moved her body, throwing charming glances towards Aiwa from time to time, not paying attention to Wuya at his side. It seemed that, after not having seen a man inside this valley for a long time, and seeing such a huge man like Aiwa, she couldn’t control herself.

[Except you, who else is there inside this valley? A man should be courageous enough to accept the responsibilities of the action he dared to do, why do you refuse to admit it?]

Aiwa said courageously. After finding that this woman didn’t have any intention of attacking him, he felt more courageous and criticized her.

[Who is a man? I am clearly a woman; don’t tell me you can’t see it? Is something wrong with your eyesight?]

That woman deliberately stuck her chest out, it seemed as if her pointed nipples were going to split open the muslin clothes and pop out, seeing it made Aiwa gulp down to settle his mood.

[I was only making an analogy, and didn’t say you are not a woman!]

Aiwa explained to her.

[Making a analogy won’t do, you see your younger sister is holding a weapon in her hand, it can scare a person, why don’t you regard her as a man?]

That woman’s finger pointed towards the long sword in Aiwa’s hand.

[Stop speaking nonsense, I want you give me the cure for my wife, or else don’t blame me for being impolite!]

Seeing that woman’s charming appearance, Aiwa’s became bolder.

[One moment she’s your younger sister, now she’s your wife, finally what is she to you? I’m completely confused!]

That woman made a unhappy expression.

Because of being hidden by the veil, Aiwa couldn’t guess that woman’s age, but listening to her sweet and clear voice, she seemed to be a 18-9 year old girl. However looking at her flirtatious appearance, she didn’t seem like a pure and shy 18-9 year old girl and rather looked like a slut. Only, inside this uninhabited ravine, there wasn’t any region for her to go and enact her lewd behaviour.

[She’s my wife.]

Aiwa didn’t want to waste his words with her, this woman clearly wanted to waste his time.

[Then who’s this girl?]

That woman’s finger pointed towards Wuya as she asked. She unexpectedly advanced forward, and caressed Wuya’s face with her finger. Looking at her stretching her hand, Wuya thought of dodging her, but that woman’s movement was quick like lightning, making Wuya unable to evade her.

Wuya’s heart couldn’t help but sink. When she fought those experts of the neighbouring countries, there had never been a person capable of approaching her speed, but this woman was much faster than her! If this woman wanted to take her life, then she feared that she wouldn’t even have the time to blink.

[I … … am also his woman! Only, if you promise to cure Beira, then I can gift him to you.]

Wuya stammered. Right now, she could only do this. She didn’t have the ability to haggle with this ferocious, deep and immeasurable woman.

[So to speak, it seems you are quite fond of your man? But I still don’t know whether your man has jumbo goods or not?]

Saying this, her satiny finger softly pinched Wuya’s chin. If it was an equal opponent, the long sword in Wuya’s hand would have already set out, killing the opponent, but, Wuya already knew she wasn’t this woman’s opponent, thus the most wise decision would be to bide her time.

[I guarantee that he can satisfy you … …]

Wuya’s chin was already raised by that woman’s finger; she didn’t plan on resisting even a bit.

That woman laughed satisfyingly, [You’re an intelligent girl! I’ll think over your proposal. Only, I’m telling you, I haven’t harmed your person, I only took one of her spirit drop that’s all.]

That woman regained her hand from Wuya’s chin; at the same time she extended her tongue to lick the finger which pinched Wuya’s face.

[Took her spirit drop?]

Aiwa couldn’t understand. He never about a person having any spirit drops in their body. The woman regained her gaze, sizing up her slender finger, not paying attention to these two individuals holding a weapon in front of her. She understood that they won’t kill her, they still hoped for her to save Beira! However, she was confident that even if they set about, they wouldn’t be able to hurt even a strand of her hair.

[Were those God Wolves killed by you just now?]

That charming woman slowly lifted her seductive eyes, sizing up Aiwa up and down.

[You’re not going to say that those God Wolves are your house pet’s right?]

Aiwa looked towards that woman’s charming gaze; her pitch black pupils were similar to a deep lake.

[I didn’t raise them. They eat several tens of cattle and sheep every few days, how could I have so much food? Only, we have co-existed together in this ravine for 10 years, unfortunately they had a disastrous casualty at your hands. Ai, everything is the Will of Heaven! If it weren’t for you killing that many wolves, there would have been a problem in their livelihood sooner or later.]

[I hadn’t killed that many, haven’t they withdrawn?]

Aiwa didn’t expect all the blame would be pushed onto him.

[Your thunder palm was very ferocious, not only were some jolted to death, 10 of them were burnt to death, you don’t know how many collapsed after walking around 10 li. Their lungs were shocked and broken by you; it’s already amazing that they were able to walk that far.]

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