Dragon Blood Warrior – Volume 3 Chapter 5

Volume 3 Chapter 5: God Wolf

Four days passed by since Beria and Wuya had set off, not only was Kayseri worried; even Aiwa had an ominous premonition.

[Maybe something happened to Beria?]

Aiwa was feeling fidgety, moreover this feeling he felt was clearly aimed at Little Princess Beira. In the past two days, her shadow had frequently appeared in his mind, he even dreamt of her sometimes.

[You really are a crow’s beak!]

TLN: Crow’s beak: a person who has made an inauspicious remark.

Kayseri sent a taboo glance towards Aiwa. Although she was inseparable from Aiwa even for a single day after he arrived at Tanzya, however she could hardly concede regarding her daughter’s matter. Even if her heart felt one kind of ominous feeling, she was not ready to speak out and silently prayed in her heart, that God is able to bless and protect her daughter.

[Leave Beira’s matter to me! I can bring her back safely.]

Aiwa said decisively. Kayseri was in charge of all the matters in Tanzya, she couldn’t leave the base camp even for a single day. Therefore, it was only possible for Aiwa to go.

Aiwa set off carrying dried food that would last for 2 days, Kayseri was already powerless to worry about whether he would seize the opportunity and return to Favargo. Of course, Kayseri felt Aiwa was a man who would never break his word, since he said he would retrieve Beira; then he would surely do so. As for whether he would be able to find her, it would depend on Beira and Aiwa’s fate.

Aiwa wore a battle bamboo hat, to obstruct the scorching sun, a battle cape was draped over his shoulders, holding a moon-star sword in his hand, his appearance resembled a travelling knight. He quickly departed towards Khalila Grand Canyon.

The reason why he refused Kayseri’s treasure horse was that if he went by foot, then he could reach there faster, but Kayseri couldn’t comprehend it. After Aiwa went 4-5 li away from the Tanzya base camp, he stopped his footsteps. He moved his dou qi from his dantian, his legs left the ground slightly, as if he was floating, that red battle cape on his back was floating back similar to a bird.

Less than half a day later, about 2’o clock, Aiwa had reached the precipice of Khalila Grand Canyon. Until that point, Aiwa imagined Khalila to be just a large ravine, however, when he reached the precipice, he could feel there were many mysteries buried in its depths.

He slightly leaned his body, looking down, its bottom couldn’t be seen, a portion of cold air ascended from the valley’s bottom, directly pressing against his navel region. Standing there, he could still see snowflakes floating towards the valley’s bottom.

Air was produced under Aiwa’s feet, gently spreading out his battle cape, he jumped, flying down towards the valley.

The huge battle sail slowed down his descend; he looked around, observing the circumstances within the valley. Both sides were covered with sheer cliffs and precipitous rocks, however strange vegetation had grown due to the wind and snowfall.

Aiwa ignored them and searched the valley floor, hoping to find a human trail. During his journey to Khalila Grand Canyon, he couldn’t find any tracks; he feared that Beira and Wuya’s groups had reached here long ago. Therefore, he didn’t try to find further tracks and directly descended down the canyon.

The valley floor’s atmosphere was somewhat oppressing, its spaciousness and emptiness could suffocate a person. Compared to the precipice, the valley floor was warmer; however, he couldn’t find any traces of life here. If it wasn’t for being able to see the greenery from the plants on top of the cliffs, he would have believed this was a death valley.

After Aiwa travelled a few 100m, he discovered a pile of horse dung on the ground. It was already dried due to the warm temperature evaporating the moisture in it. Therefore, Aiwa concluded that someone walked past this region just recently.

He examined the hoof prints on the valley floor; their direction was facing towards the valley’s interior.

This meant that Beira and Wuya had already entered into the valley’s hinterland.

Aiwa’s mood was excited; he sensed he was getting closer to Beira.

Khalila Grand Canyon couldn’t be considered to be narrow; some regions were around half a li wide, whereas the smallest region was only 10m wide. Aiwa didn’t dare to walk quickly, he wanted see whether or not there were any caves near the valley floor.

After walking for some time, a tremendous amount of monoliths appeared in front of Aiwa. Those monoliths were set horizontally on the valley floor, similar to many lanes; the entire region resembled a maze. Since those monoliths were very huge, they obstructed a person’s sight. Aiwa was already tired. In order to catch up with Beira, he had used up a lot of physical strength. He prepared to rest for a little time and eat some rations.

He didn’t expect that eating those dried food would cause him to choke up, he immediately unscrewed the water sack and drank a little water. Although there was water inside this valley, there was no surety about its effects.

In order to relieve his exhaustion, Aiwa took out a tobacco leaf from his spice bag. Rolling it up, he gathered his dou qi in his palm, bringing out a small fireball.

He took a deep breath, immediately letting a portion of fragrance seep into his lungs. However, he was not used to that tobacco’s smell and immediately started coughing.

Aiwa’s fierce coughing resounded inside the valley, making it seem deathly quiet here! He stood up, took a few deep breaths and walked forward, however, another strange thing happened.

He found that he had returned to the region where he had rested before.

He picked up the tobacco butt thrown away on the ground; it was still distributing a familiar smell.

What’s going on?

Aiwa raised his head to take a look at the terrain. Those monoliths were as awe-inspiring as a mythical animal; their appearance could frighten a man. They forged ahead into several paths, making it difficult to find the correct path; he had entered such a strange path and returned back here.

Without any other choice, Aiwa jumped on top of the monolith and walked on top of it, he quickly ran forward not losing the way.

This method showed quick results, before long, Aiwa had left that maze. Although he has learned trapping methods at the East Empire, meeting this trap, he was still unable to use those mysterious methods to break this stone formation.

When Aiwa was preparing to glide past the maze, from that high region, he saw a group of troops disorderly moving forward in the maze.

It seems that they were also trapped within the maze.

Aiwa dropped down to the surface, and quickly moved near that party using his quick movement method.

[Princess, Wuya, take a look, who has come!]

A maid was surprised after she saw Aiwa arriving near them.

[Aiwa, how could you come?]

Wuya immediately faced Aiwa, right now; she was as surprised as the maid. No need to say, during the time they walked inside the canyon, they had encountered many troubles, Aiwa’s appearance was a hope for them.

[If I don’t come, then who will help you capture a God Wolf?]

After Aiwa saw that these two beautiful women didn’t have any injuries, he was very happy in his heart.

[Then who do you want to help? There can only be one victor!]

One maid interrupted. The difficulties and danger the past few days, had already removed the line between the master and servant, even a maid had the cheek to openly joke about their master.

[Can’t I help you both beat one each?]

Aiwa walked near the two beautiful women. Although Beira wasn’t as excited as Wuya, however, her eyes were already moist, after all she had never eaten sufferings since her childhood, if it wasn’t for her intense determination to obtain Aiwa, she would have already conceded.

[Why did you walk in this direction?]

Aiwa found that they weren’t walking towards the valley and were walking horizontally, like this they would reach their original place again. [We’re lost, every time we return to our original position, not being able to walk out of this damned place.]

Seeing Aiwa arrive, Beira who had preserved till now relaxed her spirit and suddenly collapsed.

Aiwa swiftly moved his hand, quickly holding Beira in his embrace.

[Beira, what happened?]

Wuya and her group of maids approached her.

[Princess Beira hasn’t eaten since two days; she’s very weak right now.]

One of the maids said.

[Aren’t you supposed to protect the Princess? Why didn’t you advise her to eat?]

Aiwa was very angry. A raging inferno burned inside his eyes, making those maids silent due to the fear.

[Aiwa, you mustn’t blame them, in order to save food and water, she only ate only if it was absolutely essential. Everyone advised her, but she was not ready to listen.]

Wuya felt that only she could speak in behalf of Beira’s maids.

Due to relaxing her spirit, Beira was unable to support her body, curling up inside Aiwa’s embrace. Seeing the scene of Beira lying in Aiwa’s embrace, Wuya couldn’t help but wish that it was her who had collapsed instead of Beira. Because it wasn’t Beira who had taken the initiative to throw herself in his embrace, rather it was Aiwa who took the initiative to hug and embrace her. Although Wuya had a physical relationship twice with Aiwa, this scene made her envious; however, nothing could be done. A weak woman could easily obtain a man’s affection, Wuya was very valiant, and was incapable of enjoying Aiwa’s care and concern.

Right now, the gaze which Aiwa used to look at Beira made her endlessly jealous, she never enjoyed that kind of loving expression, not even when he was riding her body. She wanted to know, when Aiwa would strip Beira’s clothes, and insert his thick cock inside her naked body, would he still show this loving expression.

[All of you retire first! I want to speak with Aiwa.]

Wuya commanded her and Beira’s chamberlains to retire. Her gaze closely watched them until they retreated behind the monolith, until they went out of her sight.

In order to let Beira get ample rest, he held her and sat on top of the ground. Right now, Aiwa caressed her delicate face, almost causing his tears to appear, because he knew, this respected Tanzya Princess had suffered till now due to him. Aiwa wasn’t a boy whose emotions could be easily moved, but this time, he was moved by Beira.

That sight made Wuya jealous and envious again. For any girl, it was enough for her if she could be loved dearly by the man she admired, however, her chastity had already been taken away by Aiwa and she still hadn’t received his affection.

The only way left to win Aiwa’s love right now was to play as the matchmaker between them.

[Aiwa, Beira’s body is very weak right now, if she isn’t saved quickly … …]

Wuya calmly looked towards Aiwa.

Aiwa raised his head slowly. He also didn’t wish for anything to happen to Beira, or else, he wouldn’t have come to this ghost region.

[What method do you have?]

A trace of gentleness appeared inside Aiwa’s firm gaze. This was the first time he had used such a gaze to look at Wuya, it made her heart tremble.

[I can only think of one way, but that would also need you to save her.]

Glistening teardrops appeared inside Wuya’s eyes, not realizing her personal feelings, she was anxious about Beira’s health. Right now, Beira was opening and closing her eyes lightly, weakly lying in Aiwa’s embrace, not even having the strength to speak, only the up and down movement of her small bosom could be seen.

[What way, say quickly?]

Aiwa said with worry.

[You ought to know. How did you let Generalissimo Kayseri recover her strength?]

Wuya looked towards Aiwa ambiguously. She was unable to directly tell Aiwa to have sex with Beira, after all Beira was the Princess, if she directly said it, it would be offending her.

Aiwa looked down, gently caressing Beira’s petite and weak body, he made a long sigh.

[Let’s do it like this, you can continue to look for the God Wolf; I will take her and return.]

Aiwa didn’t declare his position.

[You want to return to save her? If you understood her character, then you should know that’s simply taking away her life. You should know, right now, what’s the most important thing for her!]

Wuya said. Right now, she felt somewhat sorry for Beira. Because, compared to Beira, her emotions towards Aiwa weren’t pure, on the opposite, the reason she was good towards him, was because of vanity and revenge. Aiwa used a forceful method to take her chastity away, and again used forceful methods to make her experience the pleasure of sex. On the other hand, although Beira hadn’t experienced anything, not even received a kiss from Aiwa, but it was clear to Wuya, Beira was the one who had obtained the most. During the days Aiwa stayed within Tanzya, only Beira was able to obtain Aiwa’s genuine love.

[I naturally know what’s most important!]

Aiwa raised his head to look at Wuya. His sight resembled a sharp sword, making Wuya tremble with fear, she knew what Aiwa was thinking.

[You mustn’t blame me for this matter; it was the Generalissimo who gave you to me!]

Wuya tried to justify herself. She knew in her heart, the reason Beira had taken risks this time was because of her. However, in order to obtain Aiwa, Wuya couldn’t take the initiative to withdraw, he was already deeply engraved insider her heart.

Aiwa’s sight looked all over, he found a cave, in order to take shelter and take protection from the rain.

Aiwa held Beira and stood up, walking towards the cave.

Looking at this cave, Aiwa thought to himself: [This must have been left behind by a hero who was battling life and death; first I must let Beria take rest here!]

[We’ll continue to advance, pray that you are able to make a big harvest.]

Aiwa found a good place to leave Beira and turned over towards Wuya.

[You’re thinking of leaving her here?]

Wuya was anxious about Beira right now.

[I can’t bother about the Generalissimo’s promise anymore, as long as Beira is alive and well!]

[You’re right; she isn’t that kind of girl, let’s set off!]

Aiwa picked up Beira’s bow and arrow. Beira liked to use the arrow from her childhood, but she couldn’t understand how to use the sword, she couldn’t even lift up a common sword.

Looking at Aiwa walking forward without hesitation, Wuya also followed behind.

[You walk in the front!]

Aiwa didn’t want Wuya to think he was taking small advantages. Wuya hesitated a bit, but after seeing Aiwa’s firm expression, she didn’t hesitate anymore and walked forward.

All the maids stayed behind to look after Beira, only Wuya and Aiwa continued to move forward.

Suddenly, a huge gale attacked towards them, a storm of black clouds fiercely hit towards their faces, Aiwa hastily moved forward, using his body to protect Wuya.

Wuya was certain, if Aiwa didn’t protect her, she would have already been thrown away by the gale. In a moment, the clouds and wind stopped, everything went back as it was before.

[Aiwa, nothing would happen to Beira right?]

Wuya looked towards that regiment of black clouds.

[Nothing will happen; the wind won’t be able to go inside the cave.]

Aiwa sent a momentary glance behind and walked forward together with Wuya.

Half a day later, they suddenly heard a heart shivering yell! That was the God Wolf’s yell!

Raising their heads to see, on top of the precipice, there was a wolf which had white hair stretching till its neck. It continued to issue that hair standing yell. This yell raised Aiwa’s spirit. The legendary God Wolf had finally appeared!

Wuya couldn’t help but lean against Aiwa. Although she was experienced and always fought at the lead, after listening to the God Wolf’s yell, Wuya felt all the hair on her body stand up. Even ignoring its huge body, knowing its mysterious legend was enough to scare even a courageous girl. Because, according to the legend, everyone who had met the God Wolf didn’t even have a little chance of surviving.

Aiwa closely held Wuya; she had experienced such a protective embrace for the first time. She thought that it didn’t matter even if she was eaten up by the God Wolf.

Aiwa vigilantly peeked at the valley, he knew that the habits of God Wolves were similar to common wolves, they liked to live together, in case they heard a wolf’s cry, it was possible for a huge group of wolves to appear.

Under Aiwa’s observation, he suddenly felt the hair on his back stand up. He had never felt this. He suddenly turned his body, the scene before his eyes made him suck in a cold breath!

Several hundred God Wolves were slowly nearing towards him from behind.

These God Wolves bodies were huge, releasing light from their eyes, black hair standing erect on their forehead. It was that black wolf hair, which was distributing one kind
of intimidating energy towards Aiwa.

Aiwa already felt Wuya’s body tremble, however he didn’t dare to pass his energy to her right now, if he did, it was possible that it would be unable for either of them to survive. These God Wolves were this primitive land’s gods; it wasn’t easy to win against them. If he couldn’t leave Khalila Grand Canyon alive, then Wuya and Beira would be buried here!

When those several hundred God Wolves were moving towards Aiwa, Aiwa fetched the bow on his back, taking out two arrows from the quiver; he put them at the bowstring simultaneously.

However, the God Wolves didn’t stop because of this.

For these God Wolves who had never been defeated by humans, this male and female in front of them were like culinary delicacies delivered right to their mouths.

However, a mere 300 jin human meat was not enough for several hundred God Wolves.

TLN: Jin=0.5Kg.

However, they hadn’t moistened their mouths with delicacies this past year, they waited inside this canyon path for a long time, waiting for a satisfactory meal to arrive, it had to be said it was heaven’s bestowal. If it wasn’t for the gale just now, perhaps their keen sense of smell would have already brought them to a tempting region, because their keen sense of smell told them that somewhere inside a nearby cave, there were many culinary delicacies, making them endlessly excited.

However, Aiwa and Wuya were completely oblivious about this. These several hundred God Wolves were going along the precipice and not on the valley floor. So, Aiwa and Wuya couldn’t hear anything, by the time they heard the God Wolf’s yell from the precipice, they had already been marked. However, when the God Wolves targeted them, those two became more excited. Aiwa’s raised the bow, aiming the two arrows towards the two God Wolves walking at the front. Right now, although Wuya was holding a sword in her hands, they were already sweaty, it was possible that her sword would slip out of her hand if she attacked. Therefore, she had no confidence in leaving this canyon alive, the only comfort for her was that she could be buried inside the wolves abdomen together with Aiwa!

Humans had to die one day. Dying together with your beloved was the happiest affair. Aiwa pulled the bowstring back, but he didn’t release it. He didn’t use his eyes to aim, and rather willed that bow to hit the chests of the two God Wolves ahead. He was convinced, if he loosened his right hand, those two God Wolves at the front would surely collapse.

Right now, Aiwa’s eyes were calmly looking at the genuine alpha wolf of this wolf pack; it was hiding within the wolf pack. This was a wolf’s characteristic, any community had prerogative, wolves were no exception.

Sensing something from Aiwa’s eyes, those two wolves leading the pack suddenly slowed down their steps.

Their alertness made the wolves behind them conscious that something was wrong, and they also slowed down their steps. For them, this kind of man who was motionless even during the wind, was definitely not a good kind.

However, escaping without fighting was not a wolf’s characteristic; God Wolf was also this way. The God Wolves lowered their heads; their gaze never left Aiwa, especially the bow and arrow in his hand.

Although Beira was small, but this bow and arrow in her hands was very special. Aiwa was convinced, without appropriate strength, it was impossible to open it. What made Aiwa amazed was that the arrow head was somewhat different than that of a normal arrow; it wasn’t sharp but rather rough and heavy. If this kind of arrow hit the opponent, then it would surely tear open one hole in the opponent, therefore, its killing power was very frightening.

The God Wolves came more near, almost only 50 steps far from them. Aiwa still had no plan of releasing the arrow, however, Wuya who was next to him was worried, because she knew, if they waited for the Wold pack to attack, then there would be no chance left of fleeing with their lives!

Wuya had already closed her eyes, tightly grabbing Aiwa’s clothes with her hands, death was extreme! Even if she was divided into pieces by the wolf pack, she wanted at least one piece of flesh to stick together with Aiwa! 40 steps, 30 steps, 25 steps, 20 steps … …

The God Wolves pressed forward step by step, Wuya’s hand had already deeply pinched Aiwa’s flesh, holding that long sword stiffly with her other hand.

That two God Wolves slowly walked 2 steps forward, as if they were negotiating, they soared and attacked towards Aiwa at the same time. Aiwa’s hand slowly raised the bow, loosening his right hand, two arrows shot out at the same time. Those arrows seemed like two long eyes as they directly shot towards the two wolves.

[Pu zi! Pu zi!]

Two splitting sounds, the two arrows pierced the God Wolves throats! Those two wolves fell to the ground at the same time. However, the wolves at the back suddenly rushed forward, like a tide, rushing out with momentum. Aiwa took the sword from Wuya’s hand once and waved it once, for God Wolves were instantly beheaded, wolf blood was sprinkling down like rain.

However, the death of these six wolves didn’t scare the rear wolf pack. They threw themselves up, towards Aiwa and Wuya, wishing to tear down this powerful person who had massacred their companions into meat slices! Sometimes, the wrath of animals was more fearful than humans.

Soon the wolf pack was going to throw itself at him; Aiwa used his hand to hold Wuya, and floated in the air, dashing forward by stepping on the wolf pack.

There wasn’t enough time for this angry wolf pack to react, Aiwa had already flown out of the wolf pack with Wuya, standing on the path from where the wolf pack had arrived.

He wanted to stop the ferocious guy inside this pack, not let them injure Beira.

The Wolf King inside the wolf pack was the first to notice the change in Aiwa. When Aiwa had reached the ground, that Wolf King suddenly jumped up from the wolf pack, flying towards Aiwa, it extended its sharp claw like an arrow, throwing itself towards Aiwa.

Wuya was ashen-faced from the fear long ago; she went soft all over, unable to stand there.

Since he hadn’t settled his steps, although Aiwa swung the sword, it didn’t hit. Without any other option, he held Wuya and turned around, carefully dodging the Wolf King’s charge.

That Wolf King made a single jump and its body fell at a region 7-8 steps near Aiwa.

[Aiwa! be careful!]

Hearing the scream from behind, Aiwa turned around to see that the Wolf King had thrown itself against himself once again.

Right now, in order to protect Wuya, he threw the long sword in his hand to the ground. Without any other option, he placed Wuya on the ground and dodged the Wolf King’s hit.

After rushing twice, the Wolf King decided to change its plan. It renounced attacking Aiwa and Wuya, and pounced towards Beira who had come out.

Beira didn’t have any weapon in her hand, soon, that chief wolf was going to injure the Princess, two maids bravely came forward, the God Wolf clawed on their bodies, it had apparently recognized who was the genuine master, therefore it didn’t bite their bodies, rather it bent its waist, preparing to attack the petite and weak Beira.

Right now, Aiwa had already picked up the long sword in his hand, he used all his strength to throw it, that long sword flew towards the Wolf King like a strong gale.

When the Wolf King’s claw was almost going to reach Beira, that long sword [shua] thrust into the Wolf’s back, piercing through its heart.

The Wolf King’s body slowly fell in front of Beira.

However, at the time Aiwa had loosened his breath after saving Beira, the wolf pack again rushed forward like a tide. He suddenly turned around, the wolf group was already close at hand. Only 7 were dead out of these several hundred wolves, it didn’t sway even a little bit of their confidence in victory.

Although Beira had escaped from the danger of the Wolf King’s attack, seeing the surging up wolf pack, Beira finally understood, this time everyone would all be buried inside the wolves abdomen! But in order to keep the final gleam of hope, Beira took out the sword from the Wolf King’s back, and rushed towards the wolf pack.

Beira who had recovered her physical strength just now, was supported by a mystical power at this time, she was determined that if she had to die then she would follow Aiwa and die at the same place.

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