Dragon Blood Warrior – Volume 3 Chapter 4

Volume 3 Chapter 4: Sex Slave

[Wu … …]

Aiwa bit forcefully, making Celi feel as if her breasts would be bit into two half’s by Aiwa. She couldn’t help but shout due to the intense pleasure born at her breast. Aiwa’s tongue teased her erect nipple, making Celi’s bones soft. Her lower body tensed up, a portion of dense sex fluids immediately sprayed out, covering Aiwa’s cock inside it. That burst of pleasure made her entire vagina contract, clamping on Aiwa’s thick thing from either side.

Celi opened her small mouth, taking big gasps. Her breasts and pussy were being attacked by Aiwa, with nowhere to escape, an intense pleasure bubbled inside her from all directions.

[Aah … … aah … …]

Celi’s gasps became more rushed; those weren’t moans anymore, and almost resembled painful howling. Her lowed body continuously moved towards Aiwa’s body; however Aiwa’s thick cock was firmly fixed there.

Right now, Kayseri was standing outside the tent, looking at a far away region. It was impossible for her to be not anxious for her daughter Beira’s safety; however Celi’s shrilling and yelling transmitting out from inside the tent pulled her thoughts back. The other maid, Aduona also approached the entrance from time to time, crouching there, trying to listen to the sounds from inside.

[Aduona, are you also thinking of letting him pierce you once?]

Seeing Aduona’s excited appearance, Kayseri couldn’t help but get angry. Right now, she missed her daughter, and the reason why her daughter went to adventure, wasn’t it the man inside the tent who could make a woman fall in love at first sight? Kayseri was unable to release the anger in her heart on Aiwa, but she could release it on Aduona.

[Have not … … have not … …]

Aduona immediately withdrew her body and bowed down.

Kayseri firmly glanced towards Aduona, turning around to rush inside the tent. Right now, Aiwa had bowed his body, eating the two breasts on Celi’s bosom while moving his buttocks, that pike’s thrusting made Celi continuously howl in pain.

Kayseri sat down in an unhappy mood, looking at Celi whose legs were trembling in the air, she said to Aiwa: [I see it’s not bad, actually that little slut outside is waiting for you to pierce her! She said that you best make her faint from fucking as soon as possible.]

These words were made up by Kayseri; however Aiwa didn’t think much, he immediately withdrew from Celi’s body, that thick cock was still moist with Celi’s virgin blood.

[Hehe, then quickly call her in!]

Aiwa was originally preparing to shoot his semen inside Celi’s body; however he didn’t expect that Aduona also wanted to join the fun.

[Aduona, come in!]

Kayseri immediately shouted sitting there, Aduona was frightened as she quickly lifted the curtain and came in. Kayseri sent a meaningful look towards Aiwa, Aiwa simply came down from the bed, walking in front of Aduona. Although her heart yearned to make love with Aiwa, however, after seeing his mighty naked body, especially that long and large cock, Aduona felt a bit timid, withdrawing her body backwards.

Aiwa suddenly grabbed her, and threw her on top of the bed. Aduona curled up her body due to the fear, timidly looking at Aiwa walking near her step by step.

[Strip your clothes.]

Aiwa ordered. However, Aduona seemed like she didn’t hear it, clamping her legs together.

Aiwa suddenly threw himself on the bed, pulling down Aduona’s clothes.

Compared to Celi, Aduona’s bosom was better developed; those breasts were similar to big steam buns freshly taken out of the furnace. Aiwa hugged Aduona as he used his mouth to bite her breast.


Aduona screamed immediately, however, Aiwa ignored her violent shouts. Inside the Generalissimo’s tent, if the Generalissimo allowed a matter, then no one could prevent it.

Aiwa bit Aduona’s breasts while digging his finger inside her pussy, it was already moist and wet, and that slippery feel made Aiwa fell like piercing her immediately. Aiwa’s hand easily separated Aduona’s white legs, directly inserting his pike inside Aduona’s pussy.


A ripping sort of pain immediately made teardrops appear at Aduona’s eyes. However, Aiwa didn’t stop because of this; he continuously thrust in and out of her slippery wet flower hole. Aduona sensed a painful feel as if her vagina was split open, and at the same time, she enjoyed the pleasure produced from there.

Every time she could only hear the master’s wishing for death and immortality kind of joyous yelling, always fantasizing about how one day she could also taste the thrusting of a man, unexpectedly it had come true today!

Aiwa stopped temporarily, raising his body, this way he could see the entire movement of Aduona’s body. Aduona’s moving and writhing showing an intoxicated expression wasn’t even a single bit inferior to Celi, although these two persons were delicate, their lower bodies were very powerful, and their clamping made Aiwa very refreshed.

Aiwa thrust in and out of Aduona’s body for some time, although it didn’t have a rhythm, for handling Aduona and Celi, these newly hatched birds, was there any need for skill and trick? If only their bodies were rubbed twice, it was enough to make them endlessly excited. Aiwa simply didn’t have any need to use his Yin technique, directly thrusting that thick cock was enough.

Very quickly, Aiwa spurted out a portion of sex fluids. Aiwa also didn’t expend much energy, when Aduona’s body was trembling, his semen shot inside her. In order to let Celi also experience the taste of ejaculation, when half of the semen had shot out, Aiwa suddenly pulled out of Aduona’s body, inserting his cock inside Celi’s naked body, continuously thrusting a few times and ejaculating again, that semen gu gu sprayed on top of Celi’s uterus, making her lovely body shudder.

Kayseri was sitting at the side, watching Aiwa use his thick weapon to torment those two maids, this was one kind of enjoyment for her: Especially, after seeing a twisted expression on the maids faces, she felt satisfied.

[Aduona, Celi, you two come over. Looking at your good play, I’m wet all over here, quickly come and lick for me!]

Kayseri lied on top of the chair, putting her hands on top of the armrest. She wanted to continue tormenting these two little sluts, not letting them enjoy just for nothing.

After those two maids heard the order, without being able to change their clothes, they quickly knelt in front of Kayseri. They untied Kayseri’s nightgown, exposing her lower body, but they didn’t dare to forcefully separate her legs. Aduona brought her body forward, stooping down her face on top of Kayseri’s vulva; she extended her tongue, cautiously and solemnly licking that vulva already dripping with sexual secretions.

When Aduona’s tongue touched on top of Kayseri’s vulva, she couldn’t help but shut her eyes, issuing a tempting moan: [Oh … …]

After Aduona finished licking, she sucked the place she had licked just now, this made Kayseri very pleasant. Especially, when Aduona’s lips and tongue rubbed against her vulva, she had never experienced this kind of feeling.

In fact, before Aiwa arrived, as the Generalissimo, Kayseri was never like this. After getting affected by Aiwa’s Yin technique, she became a different person: Moreover, right now, she was somewhat abnormal due to the disturbance created from her daughter Beira’s matter, thus, the more she tormented these two maids, the more her heart felt delighted.

Celi and Aduona licked on top of Kayseri’s vulva one after another, the more they licked, the more sexual secretions came out, these two maids were eating sufferings, how to lick this place clean?

Aiwa laughed, after properly wearing his clothes, he said to Kayseri: [I’m going to take a look at how things are going on for your sworn enemy now.]

He fastened the belt on his gown as he walked outside.

After Lumen was captured, she was delivered over to Lucy’s place.

This was also Kayseri’s special intention. She knew, the reason why Lumen rebelled wasn’t because she hated her, rather because her self-respect had received an injury, this could all be blamed on her daughter. If Beira didn’t run to seize the person from Lucy’s tent, Lumen was also improbable to rebel. Kayseri didn’t want to be heartless towards Lumen, she also knew that Lucy and Lumen had a good relationship, at the level of high-ranking military officers inside the entire Tanzya, only Lucy and Lumen got along, other people didn’t like Lumen, her nature was very straightforward, very easily offending a person. If this phoenix met with misfortune was delivered to any other high-ranking military officer, then she would surely suffer. Thinking of protecting Lumen, Kayseri sent her to be imprisoned under Lucy.

[Lumen, you know why the Generalissimo delivered you to my hands?]

Lucy sat beside Lumen and asked carelessly.

[Your ability is strong, is in order for you to monitor me!]

Lumen instantly stated. Right now, she still harboured hard feelings towards the Generalissimo. When she heard Princess Beira was competing with Wuya, she not all refrained from scolding: [I wish Beira dies at Khalila Grand Canyon!]

[You blame the Generalissimo wrongly, for your good, she delivered you to be monitored by me.]

Lucy said thoughtfully.

[In order for me? who would believe that!]

Lumen was not ready to accept and groaned.

[Think yourselves, if she sent you elsewhere, can you have a good day? Like this! Right now, you can select a region yourself, to whom do you wish to go?]

Lucy looked towards Lumen.

Lumen rolled her eyes for a long time, but didn’t figure out a single person.

[There’s no other region where it’s better than here? Only I won’t injure you. Therefore I said, the Generalissimo delivering you to me, was all for your own good.]

[Then … … she can kill me?]

Lumen was concerned about her life’s safety. She publicly made a claim as equal towards the Generalissimo. In Tanzya’s history, there had never been a traitor who had a good ending.

[If she wanted to kill you, then she would have killed you on the scene. Your and my military forces are all under her, moreover she doesn’t even need to personally do it with her hands, if only she ordered, will you still have lived till today?]

Lucy analyzed Lumen’s situation.

Lumen couldn’t help but recall the scene of Wuya holding the cold dagger at her neck, she regretted her hot hotheadedness which caused her to do this unforgivable sin, she was quite clear in her heart, even if she was capable of saving her life, she could be hit into the slave book by Kayseri, that would be worse than living. Thinking of here, Lumen couldn’t help but shed silent tears.

Unknowingly, Aiwa had arrived within Lucy’s tent. Actually, when Aiwa came he deliberately didn’t use light footsteps, however he didn’t allow the two maids at the doorway to report, and Lucy could already make out that it was Aiwa from those heavy footsteps sound. Just now, the reason she spoke these words were for letting Aiwa listen to them. After all, Aiwa was Kayseri’s man right now; this meant that if these words were passed on to Kayseri through Aiwa’s mouth, perhaps there was a chance for Lumen to explain herself in front of Kayseri.

Lucy’s heart was also clear, although that day she had made a clear stand and let her private soldiers block Lumen, Kayseri still returned Lumen till here; however, this didn’t mean that the Generalissimo had complete trust towards Lucy.

The reason was simple: Beira seized Aiwa from inside Lucy’s tent, Lumen directly showed her complaint; like that, since Beira seized Aiwa from inside Lucy’s tent, did Lucy really didn’t have any complaint?


Seeing Aiwa appear inside Lucy’s tent, Lumen couldn’t help but get happy. She liked this Hass man very much, only it’s a pity, before she could reach her first orgasm, he was carried away by Beira; but precisely in order to fight over Aiwa, Lumen had ended up this way. Thus, seeing Aiwa, Lumen felt grief once more.

[You two are good?]

Aiwa came over to those two seated woman and asked, putting his hands on top of fragrant shoulders of these beautiful women.

[I was casually walking, conveniently coming over to take a look at my two beauties.]

Aiwa’s hands slid down from their fragrant shoulders, sticking to their waists, they hooked one breast of each person.

[Did the Generalissimo send you?]

Lucy asked with a neither cold nor warm voice.

[General Lucy isn’t thinking I, Aiwa am Kayseri’s spy right? I am the majestic senior officer of Favargo!]

Aiwa laughed and hugged these two women into his embrace.

[Why don’t you return to Favargo? You should know, you gave rise to war within Tanzya? You don’t fear they would hack you into pieces?]

Lucy asked.

[Even if I didn’t appear, you were sure to raise war. In order for benefits, war is improbable to stop. Don’t tell me that someone trying to covet the supreme power and position began after I came to Tanzya? Only, I admit, because of my arrival, it brought out your conflicting views, actually its good like this, so as not let everyone’s heart feel stifled, yes or no?]

Aiwa’s big hand pinched on top of Lumen’s plentiful breast as he asked.

[However, the price I paid was very disastrous. From now on, I’ll lose my freedom, Kayseri won’t let me off!]

Lumen wept with grief as she recounted the affair. She sincerely wished Aiwa was capable of persuading Kayseri to not lower herself, giving out a way to survive. [If only she doesn’t make me a slave, I will work hard for her!]

Lumen expressed her good faith towards Aiwa.

Seeing Lumen’s fawning appearance, Lucy began to somewhat look down upon her.

[Isn’t working hard similar to a slave? To say again, if you want to show good faith towards her, then speak to her, what’s the use of saying it to me?]

[You’re Kayseri’s crimson person right now, she listens to you the most. I beg you; help me by saying a few good words! I can repay you!]

Lumen directly knelt in front of Aiwa’s body.

[How are you thinking of repaying me?]

Aiwa merely laughed, and didn’t go and raise her. A person violating an unforgivable mistake has to naturally receive punishment.

[You can do whatever you want to me!]

Lumen practically forfeited her dignity, willing to become Aiwa’s slave.

However, it wasn’t necessary that an ordinary woman could become Aiwa’s slave, because an ordinary woman wouldn’t be able enter the discerning eyes of Aiwa, this lewd man.

In fact, every individual was a slave to their desire, if they are able to get what they want; then they are ready to become a slave. Like the aloof and remote Kayseri, how isn’t she Aiwa’s slave? And as for Wuya and Beria, aren’t they competing to become Aiwa’s slave?

Lucy was very clear about this bit.

[Then, are you ready to let me cum inside your mouth once?]

Aiwa clasped Lumen’s face. Although she couldn’t be considered as Tanzya’s most beautiful woman, however, her figure was sexy, amorous ripples undulated inside her eyes, making a man’s sexuality rise.

[You can come as many times you want!]

Lumen said decisively, she really wished Aiwa could cum inside her once.

Aiwa lifted her head towards Lucy, and laughed: [Take a look, she’s like this, should I cum in her? what do you say?]

[This is a matter between you two, what relation does it have with me?]

Lucy couldn’t bear to see Lumen’s lowly begging appearance; she couldn’t help but get angry.

[However, right now, I want to cum inside your mouth once … …]

Aiwa hooked his hand around Lucy’s slender waist. Compared to Lumen, Lucy was more outstanding at many aspects. Although her breasts weren’t as ridiculous as Lumen’s, but their shapes made Aiwa desire them, those tall and straight points were also very tempting. Right now, two snow white lumps were crowding out of her clothes neckline, seeing them made Aiwa’s heartbeat quicken.

[You aren’t afraid Kayseri will feel jealous?]

Getting her breasts pinched by Aiwa, Lucy began to feel restless. Her hand also went towards Aiwa’s crotch, caressing on top of that long thing.

[Hehe, right now, Kayseri is getting licked by her two maids, she feels very comfortable, and how can she consider being jealous regarding eating you? If you two aren’t there to vie for her, then how could she have fun?]

Aiwa’s words made Lucy suddenly reveal herself. [What you’re saying is correct, for the Generalissimo, we have no choice but to snatch her man. Come! Lumen, climb on top!]

Lucy suddenly turned towards Aiwa, removing his clothes for him, those trousers still hadn’t fallen off, and she quickly grabbed that thick thing and started playing with it.

After Lumen saw Lucy take Aiwa’s thick thing in her hands and play with it, she also stripped her clothes, revealing her sexy figure in front of Aiwa. She rubbed her breasts on Lucy’s back; her lovely eyes looked towards Aiwa. Receiving the two beautiful woman’s seduction, Aiwa’s thing at this crotch quickly swelled up, making Lucy hold it with her two hands.

Seeing Aiwa’s thing elongate in her hands, Lucy was excited, she immediately held that cock, sucking it inside her mouth.

[Ao … … really pleasurable … …]

Aiwa couldn’t help but raise his body, Lucy used her small mouth to keep on sucking.

Lumen was also unwilling to be left out; she brought her body in front of Aiwa, delivering her huge breasts near his mouth. Aiwa opened his mouth, sucking a nipple inside his mouth!

Lucy oral sex skill was pretty good. She sucked and released Aiwa’s thick thing as she used her fine fingers to caress Aiwa’s meatballs. Aiwa also didn’t stay idle, his mouth sucked Lumen’s breast, and his hand stretched inside her crotch, digging inside her fleshy slit.

[En … … oh … …]

Getting her pussy dug out by Aiwa, Lumen writhed her sexy body, her flesh walls clamped on Aiwa’s moving finger. Lumen’s mouth was still idle, she thirsted to kiss Aiwa, but Aiwa’s mouth was busy at her breast, not willing to come out, without any other option, she licked her own lips.

Lumen’s pussy was dripping wet due to Aiwa’s provocation, she moaned continuously: [Oh … .. let me eat you dick! Didn’t you say you wanted to cum inside my mouth?]

Aiwa finally released her breast, also taking his finger outside her flesh hole. After getting released by Aiwa, Lumen immediately got down his body, she held Lucy who was energetically sucking Aiwa’s huge cock and pulled her: [First go and undress!]

Lumen pulled Lucy strongly; she lied between Aiwa’s crotch, sucking that slippery cock wet due to Lucy’s licking inside her mouth. Along with her sucking, her breasts at her bosom also swayed rhythmically.

However, Lucy didn’t act like Lumen, she removed her clothes and lay on the bed absolutely naked, and separating her legs, bringing her vulva near Aiwa’s mouth.

Not waiting for Aiwa to come lick her, she took the initiative to move her buttocks herself, making her vulva rub against Aiwa’s lips. Aiwa was held by Lucy’s legs, his lips closely stuck on Lucy’s vulva, strongly sucking her, those sexual secretions were all sucked inside Aiwa’s mouth. Due to using too much force, those two tender flesh slits were also sucked by Aiwa’s mouth, plus Aiwa used his tongue to continuously sweep against them, this provoked Lucy’s libido very quickly.

[Aah … … wu … …]

Lucy continuously moved her buttocks, a wave of sexual secretions sprayed out, a trace of excitement floated across her face. Right now, Aiwa also felt pleasurable due to Lumen licking his dick. Lumen had already swallowed his two small meatballs inside her mouth, that slippery tongue swept across his creased testicles, making him excited.

Just now, when Lumen was getting dug out by Aiwa, her libido had already surged up, and now sucking his yang root like this made her endlessly excited, sexual secretions huahua flowed out from her flesh hole, making her itch and hard to endure anymore.

Lucy made a great effort to rub her vulva against Aiwa’s tongue and lips, Lumen also seized the opportunity, sitting on top of Aiwa’s crotch; she inserted that huge cock inside her pussy.

[Oh … … unbearable … … it’s itching very much … …]

Lucy had already reached her first orgasm under the rubbing movement of Aiwa’s lips and tongue; however, she wasn’t to settle the desire inside her flesh hole like this. She suddenly came down from the bed, and pulled Lumen who was moving on top of Aiwa’s cock, and impatiently inserted his cock inside her body.

[Oh … … this is pleasant … … very pleasurable … …]

An intoxicated expression filled Lucy’s face. She lewdly looked towards Aiwa as she groped her breasts with her hands.

[Aiwa, you mustn’t cum inside her body, you have to cum inside you slave servant’s mouth!]

Lumen also learned from Lucy and brought her vulva near Aiwa’s mouth. However, Aiwa didn’t take the initiative, without any other option, Lumen raised her buttocks herself. Aiwa licked and sucked, sometime later, Lumen was already infatuated. Sexual secretions gugu sprayed out of her flesh hole and her body trembled continuously.

Aiwa withdrew his face, and once more dug into Lumen’s vulva. She was done in long ago, and Aiwa’s this move made her body convulse again, clamping on his finger firmly.

[Lumen, I’m going to cum … …]

Aiwa put out a going to cum expression, frightened, Lumen quickly came down the bed, pushing Lucy aside who was vigorously moving on Aiwa’s body. She inserted Aiwa’s thick cock deep inside her throat, until her teardrops came out, and Aiwa still didn’t look like he was going to cum.

In order to make Aiwa cum as quickly as possible, she released Aiwa’s cock and used her breasts to clamp on it from both sides and started sliding it.

This trick of throbbing against a woman’s breasts was very new to Aiwa. Aiwa thought in his heart: [Thank you!]

[Lumen; let Lucy come and have a round first … …]

Aiwa’s body trembled with excitation; however the semen still didn’t shoot out.

Lumen obediently returned the cock to Lucy. Aiwa took the initiative to pump inside Lucy’s small mouth, when he felt that he was going to ejaculate, he suddenly sat down, drawing out his cock, pointing it towards Lucy’s tempting face, a portion of milky white semen spurted out.

That milky white semen slid down from Lucy’s upper face, reaching her mouth’s corner, and Lucy extended her tongue out to lick her mouth. Ejaculating on top of the face like this was a really pleasant thing!

[Aiwa, you mustn’t! Leave a little for slave servant!]

Soon, Aiwa was going to finish cumming on top of Lucy’s face; Lumen became anxious.

She pushed Lucy who was kneeling there and accepting getting ejaculated on her face, she immediately sucked that cock which was spurting milky white liquids just now, however, by the time she sucked it inside her mouth; Aiwa had already stopped cumming. This made Lumen somewhat dispirited; she gave a lovely blaming look towards Aiwa.

[Lick it again, perhaps there’s still more!]

Aiwa encouraged Lumen, so she doesn’t release it immediately. Lumen once again knelt on the ground and strongly sucked like a prostitute. She knew, a ferocious man was capable of ejaculating several times.

Luckily, Aiwa’s cock still hadn’t gone soft after ejaculating once, it was still firm and upright, if it was inserted inside a woman’s flesh hole now; it was still capable of letting the woman feel ecstatic.

Lumen sucked and licked Aiwa’s cock, until the veins were popping on top of the cock again, slightly throbbing? Aiwa leaned on the bedside, looking at Lumen sucking him, a woman’s face at this time was very tempting, he was suddenly excited, he used his hands to hold Lumen’s head, and inserted his cock deep inside her throat.

A portion of burning hot magma spurted out, spraying inside Lumen’s throat. She firmly closed her eyes, forcing the warm semen inside her throat, so as to not let it choke he windpipe.

The uvula inside her throat was touching Aiwa’s meatus, after a wave of itching, another wave of warm semen shot out, much more larger and powerful than the previous time.

Aiwa was not a normal man; his ejaculation quantity was top-notch among males. Aiwa’s cock throbbed inside Lumen’s throat several times, semen had already crammed inside Lumen’s mouth, and Aiwa could see milky white semen flowing out of her mouths corners. Lumen used her lips to tightly engulf his cock, not releasing it. Then, Aiwa saw Lumen firmly close her eyes again, swallowing down the semen inside her mouth, and her tongue continued to lick his glans penis, until she sucked out the final drop of semen.

At the time Lumen took out that cock outside her mouth, it was still hard, merely its color was a bit ruddy, because of getting sucked by two woman simultaneously, it was in a hyperaemic state. Right now, Lucy still hadn’t wiped her face, she hurriedly held the cock Lucy had released and inserted it inside her pussy.

Aiwa held Lucy’s slender waist, moving against her body. Her tight pussy clamped his thick cock from time to time, furthermore exerting itself to make Aiwa’s thick cock reach until her tender uterus.

However not matter how energetically she moved, although Aiwa was firm and straight, he didn’t ejaculate inside her. Aiwa’s heart was very clear, right now he couldn’t waste his yang essence as he liked. He still needed to raise his ability, because he a new mission to accept next.

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