Dragon Blood Warrior – Volume 3 Chapter 2

Volume 3 Chapter 2: Bestowing A Marriage

Aiwa fondled Wuya’s jade peaks while thrusting inside her pussy. Her originally taut face was twisted now, with slight pain and intense pleasure tormenting her body and soul. She was unable to uphold her dignity in front of the Generalissimo and the Princess. Her body writhed crazily while continuously moaning: [Oh … … wu … … good … …]

While she moaned, her legs gradually lifted up, continuously trembling in the air.

Little Princess Beira stood at the side, looking at the second face of this ordinarily majestic female high-ranking senior officer , her pure heart couldn’t understand, what kind of feeling did a woman feel while getting pushed down by a man.

The Generalissimo, Kayseri’s body was extremely weak, she could only lie there, looking at Aiwa pumping on Wuya’s body: Naturally, seeing that scene only ignited her desire once again, merely her body didn’t allow her to move much right now, compared to that, Beira was somewhat staring with awe.

[Beira, child, what are you looking at? Go over there!]

After Kayseri saw Beira’s foolish appearance, she felt a little awkward. Letting one humble child look at adults doing their thing was very embarrassing.

[What are you afraid of? I am not a child anymore; I am already Aiwa’s woman!]

Beira said with anger.

[What did you say?]

Kayseri doubted whether or not she misheard, not daring to believe it, she asked again.

[I am already Aiwa’s woman!]

Beira made this word [woman] very clear: 1st was to say she already wasn’t a child, 2nd was precisely to express the relationship between her and Aiwa, and Kayseri was most concerned about the 2nd meaning.

Kayseri moved her gaze towards Aiwa’s face who was energetically pumping on Wuya’s body. Aiwa couldn’t understand, right now his attention was completely focused on the body of Wuya which was burning with desire. Wuya’s nipples were already erect; her underbelly continuously moved up and down, her legs similarly trembled in the air.

[Aah … … Aiwa … … a bit harder … …]

Wuya had already reached her first orgasm, sex fluids sprayed out of her pussy. Every time she came, her body trembled due to the battle. She tightly bit her lips, but that pleasure made it difficult for her to restrain her emotions.

However, Aiwa didn’t stop pumping because of Wuya’s joyous shouting, his speed increased even more, making his thick thing get clamped tightly by Wuya’s rapidly tightening pussy. Since Aiwa’s chap was very majestic, it hadn’t completely entered inside; therefore, although Wuya felt very pleasant, Aiwa had just entered into an enjoyable state.

Right now Aiwa was already capable of freely using the mental technique, freely controlling the negative variation caused by having sex with a woman having the Blood Shed blood vessels. His body wouldn’t expand again after getting wet by the essence blood of a Blood Shed blood vessels woman. His glans penis deftly jabbed at the flower bud at the abyss of Wuya’s pussy, lightly grinding it, making the pleasure Wuya felt increase bit by bit.

Under the pressure of her mother’s strict gaze, Beira had no choice but to go down and sit at the sofa. However, her attention was continuously pulled towards Aiwa’s side. Looking at Wuya turning, moving and listening to her joyous shouts, she thought in her heart, the day she and Aiwa got married, she could satisfy Aiwa’s request, making joyous shouts like Wuya and her mama.

After Aiwa finished thrusting inside Wuya’s body once, she was already drained, but Aiwa had just reached the peak mode. After grinding inside Wuya’s pussy once again, he pulled out that erect meat rod from her body.

Wuya was powerlessly paralyzed there, she saw Kayseri also didn’t have any strength left, she could only moan continuously.

Aiwa saw the area between Kayseri’s legs was already drenched in sexual secretions a long time ago, he knew, she had been waiting there for him from a long time.

Aiwa came in front of Kayseri, lightly pushing inside. Kayseri opened her arms to embrace him, that meat rod covered in Wuya’s sex fluids smoothly entered her body.

[Wu … …]

Aiwa’s meat rod had just entered and Kayseri released a tempting moan. She made a great effort to straighten her body, letting Aiwa’s yang root penetrate deeper, her wide pussy immediately swallowed more than half of Aiwa’s weapon.

Aiwa didn’t think much, although her body was weak, Kayseri still used her pussy to forcefully suck in his erect meat rod.

Aiwa kissed her graceful neck, his wide chest pressed against her erect twin peaks.

Looking at Kayseri’s beautiful face, Aiwa suddenly recalled his stepmother.

He suddenly pulled out of Kayseri’s body.

Kayseri was alarmed; she believed it was going to end with this.

Aiwa laughed: [We are going to change the position!]

Aiwa knelt there, waiting for Kayseri to turn over her body, she brought her plump and big snow-white buttocks towards Aiwa. Aiwa lightly slapped her white butt twice, Kayseri simply pushed her body down and separated her legs, to let Aiwa’s big meat spear easily pierce her from behind.

Whether it was Kayseri or Aiwa, they both felt a very unusual feel and mood while doing it from behind. Aiwa’s hands caressed Kayseri’s beautiful crotch, slowing moving inside it, that thick thing smoothly went in and out of her pussy. Because of the large amount of secretions, every time Aiwa twitched, a pu chi, pu chi sound was issued from her pussy.

Aiwa didn’t dare to make Kayseri spend too much strength; therefore, when she reached her first orgasm, he shot his energy inside her body.

[Humph … … oh … …]

Kayseri’s elbows were on the bed, her butt was raised high, taking in Aiwa’s burning hot meat rod inside her pussy as much as possible. That meat spear’s thrusting cause her a little pain, however she liked the intense pleasure accompanying that pain.

She moaned while moving her buttocks, her breasts were hanging in the air because her body was lying on her stomach, making her more attractive. It was a pity that Aiwa couldn’t see them; however he stretched his hand forwards to grope them.

Aiwa’s hands were strongly fondling Kayseri’s breasts, at the same time his body rammed on top Kayseri’s buttocks, issuing a pa pa sound.

[Aiwa … … I … … can’t bear it anymore … …]

A woman reached her orgasm very quickly in this posture, her body trembled more rapidly. Aiwa didn’t slow down, accelerating the rhythm, thrusting faster.

[Aah … … aah … …]

Aiwa’s fast thrusting interrupted Kayseri’s moaning, Kayseri suddenly felt pleasure in her whole body spreading from her pussy. When a portion of sex fluids were going to spurt out, Aiwa also strongly pressed against her flower bud, a portion of warm essence spurted inside her flower bud, that warm essence didn’t disperse, rather it was slowly sucked inside the small mouth of Kayseri’s flower bud.

Aiwa didn’t pump for the second time, he tightly pressed against her flower mouth. Softly pulling Kayseri’s body, he tightly hugged her sweaty naked body, kissing on top of her small mouth.

He lightly sucked Kayseri’s fragrant tongue, which was playing with Aiwa’s mouth. Aiwa had no choice to admit, compared to Wuya, Kayseri’s kissing skills were a notch higher, that fragrant tongue was revolving at his mouth and pecking it, Kayseri’s effect was completely different, her one light peck, could provoke a man’s libido once again.

Aiwa sucked her fragrant tongue, ejaculating a second time, that burning hot semen shot insider her body.

That wasn’t ordinary semen; rather it was filled with Aiwa’s energy, pouring inside her body.

After Aiwa slowly crawled up from Kayseri’s body, Kayseri still didn’t discover the increase in her physical strength; her body still lied there in a weakened state.

Two maids washed Aiwa’s body.

Wuya had long ago worn her clothes; her gaze was admiring Aiwa’s robust naked body, making a little love bubble up inside her. Looking at Wuya’s expression filled with love, Beira felt very jealous.

[Wuya, thank you for putting out your life for me and my ma, I will ask my ma to compensate for you.]

Beira advanced forward and pulled Wuya’s hand. Her main purpose was to move her loving gaze away from Aiwa’s body.

[How are thinking of compensating me?]

Wuya forced at bitter smile.

[I can ask ma to confer you the title of White Horse Riding General, how?]

Beira deliberately made a dazzling expression, to increase the weight to this unprecedented title.

[White Horse Riding General? Has some ever been granted his title?]

Wuya asked with doubt.

[That’s why it is rare! You’ll be the first to be conferred the title of White Horse Riding General, is it no good?]

The naive Beria thought of making Wuya think that this was a most rare title, because from the gaze Wuya showed towards Aiwa, she could feel one kind of hidden crisis. Especially since her mother still hadn’t made a formal promise, to let her marry Aiwa who still had the identity of a captive man.

[Generalissimo, take a look, Beira is using a title to bribe me!]

Wuya could make out Beira’s plot, and couldn’t help but caress her head as she laughed and spoke to Kayseri.

Kayseri also couldn’t help but laugh, right now she could already feel her body strengthen a bit, as if a portion of power was spreading towards her whole body from her lower part. She stood up, glancing towards her daughter Beria with a deep loving gaze: [Beira, I have a matter to speak with Wuya, can you go out a moment?]

Beira unwillingly stood up and went outside, because of her mood, the cold air outside immediately made her tremble.

[Wuya, come over.]

Kayseri pulled Wuya’s hand, making her come at her side. Although Kayseri was always gentle towards her troops, however she was so imitate like this with very few people. The Generalissimo’s hand, made Wuya very happy, she lifted her face, looking at this calm adult.

[Generalissimo can speak what she wants to!]

Wuya could make out the Generalissimo’s thoughts.

[You … … like him?]

Kayseri looked towards Aiwa who was sitting in the chair.

Listening to this question, Wuya’s face immediately went red in front of Kayseri, but she quickly calmed down and asked Kayseri: [What relation does this have?]

[If you like him, I’m thinking of marrying you to him!]

Kayseri said very seriously.

[But, he is a Hass Empire man, and not from our race, how can we become husband and wife? Furthermore, he is still our captive; he simply doesn’t have the qualifications to marry me.]

Wuya said.

Kayseri laughed, however she was confident that she could persuade Wuya and guarantee this marriage’s facilitation.

[If this bit is eliminated, is he fit to become your husband?]

Kayseri’s hands gripped Wuya’s shoulders, looking at her willing face, she could more or less make out Wuya’s true thoughts using a mature woman’s judgment.

Wuya nodded.

However while these two women were about this, they completely ignored Aiwa, as if the matter they were consulting about was hardly relevant to him, simply not needing his individual thoughts, if only Wuya said she was fond of him, Kayseri could send Aiwa to her like a gift.

In fact, whether it was Kayseri or Wuya, they both felt Aiwa was an outstanding man. In the entire Tanzya tribe, it was impossible to find such an excellent male. Especially his extremely strong male skills could endlessly make a woman be fascinated, if one had this kind of husband, their entire lifetime’s libido could be satisfied. Sending this kind of gift to Wuya would consolidate her supreme position as well as her daughter’s. If a woman wanted to firmly control her regime, then it was not enough to rely on her own strength, she needed unswerving followers at her side. This bit was confirmed with tonight’s coup d’état.

The most important thing was, Wuya was still young, she had the strength to wait for this Hass Empire’s General’s son. His brave spirit was also verified within this coup d’état — — He absolutely wasn’t a nobody like Federer. Therefore, Kayseri wanted Aiwa to stay at Tanzya.

[I will first grant you the title of Princess, then, we’ll raise a relation by marriage towards Hass Empire. I believe they won’t deny us.]

Kayseri raised her thoughts in front of Aiwa.

[I already have a wife!]

Aiwa immediately recalled the daughter of the Empire’s Prime Minister Groote — — Dolly and Sili, those two adorable girls. If he didn’t return, wouldn’t those two girls have to marry someone else? How could he let his beloved woman be married to another man?

[What did you blurt out? You don’t have the right to talk here, right now, you are our Tanzyanians captive. If you want to return, there’s only one way, that’s becoming the husband of our Tanzya’s woman.]

Kayseri had completely recovered from her weakness, her words seemed very powerful.

[Right now you could say I am someone who has given outstanding service to you, you won’t bite the hand that feeds right? If you don’t return a Hass Empire’s Regional Senior Officer you have fought over for marriage, Hass Empire won’t leave the matter as it is. Even if the Queen doesn’t pay attention to me, my father is still going to demand his son!]

Without any other option, Aiwa had to bring out his trump card.

Kayseri shot a glance towards him not speaking anything else. She already understood that Aiwa wasn’t a frog within the pond, and would sooner or later fly away, however, she had to first use him to bribe a person’s heart.

Wuya also didn’t have any qualms with Princess Beria, she really liked Aiwa very much, especially the pleasure his strong body brought to her was the world’s happiest affair to her.

[Then … … what’s to be done about Beira?]

Wuya had also heard that sentence; I am already Aiwa’s woman. She didn’t know whether or not she had already slept with Aiwa, but that sentence had already made it clear that Princess Beira also liked Aiwa.

[No matter what she says, she is still small. I have to first find an ideal husband for you, which would give peace to my heart.]

Kayseri’s expression was just like Wuya’s mother.

Wuya remained silent. She was afraid that if she said too much, then the Generalissimo would regain her words. Moreover, Aiwa’s seed was already within her body, so, she didn’t have to worry about the matter of giving birth to a child.

[All right, I will send someone tomorrow to Montelago City and propose the marriage to Queen Sofia, I think we’ll receive a reply very quickly. Good! You return first, tonight let Aiwa stay here! I won’t eat him; sooner or later he will belong to you.]

Kayseri laughed towards Wuya.

Wuya got up and left the Generalissimo’s army tent.

After Wuya left, Aiwa came on top of Kayseri’s bed. [Didn’t you already promise to let me be your daughter’s husband? Furthermore, you also promised to let me be the husband of you two mother-daughter, then why are you sending me as a gift to other people? Don’t tell me that I’m not worthy of being cherished by you?]

[If you wish, I will forever be your woman, including Beira.]

Kayseri’s face was overflowing with sadness, producing a tear at her eyes. A Generalissimo had no choice to send out her man for her regime, this was a very heart-breaking affair.

Aiwa tightly hugged Kayseri, right now he and she weren’t enemies, rather lifelong husband and wife. Her tender body lightly trembled in her embrace. He kissed her cheek, sucking the teardrop that came out of eyes.

After Beira saw Wuya leaving, she went inside the tent not waiting for her mother’s summon. She hastily jumped on the bed, throwing herself in her mother’s embrace, she asked: [What did mama and Wuya discuss?]

Her young spirit was very sensitive, she was sure that the reason her mother had some relation to her.

[Very soon, we’ll be able to drink at Wuya and Aiwa’s wedding feast.]

Kayseri gently caressed Beira’s head and said, she tried to make Beira think of this as a happy matter.

[Why? Didn’t you already promise to let me become Aiwa’s woman? You’re going back on your words, not deserving a General!]

Beira suddenly struggled free from Kayseri’s embrace, fleeing outside the tent.

Aiwa thought of chasing after her, but he was pulled by Kayseri.

[Don’t go after her, if she doesn’t experience this affair, then she won’t mature up. A wilful person will forever be unable to understand the situation.]

It seemed as if Kayseri was saying it to herself. Only, she didn’t have the desire to make love with Aiwa right now, she was really exhausted, and only wanted to rest.

[Don’t tell me you’re not wilful?]

Aiwa criticized her.

[There is no person who has absolute freedom in this world; I am also without the freedom to act independently!]

Kayseri at last revealed her sorrow. From the changes on her pretty face, Aiwa could conclude, this woman really had many sorrows.

[You sleep! I will take a walk outside; also take a look at Beira at the same time.]

Aiwa got up from Kayseri’s body, getting down the bed.

[No need to find her. I’m really tired, only want to rest. If you want, you can enjoy the maids inside the army tent.]

Kayseri powerlessly pulled the quilt over her body; feeling tired both physically and emotionally.

Aiwa left the army tent, the two maids pointed their fingers toward a distant place and said: [Little Princess went over there; she said to not allow anyone to disturb her.]

Aiwa looked towards that white distant region; Beira’s heartbroken silhouette could be seen there.

The night’s intense cold enveloped the Tanzya savannas, the stars in the sky blinked like exhausted eyes, as if they were dozing off.

[I want to sleep outside; can I lie in your embrace?]

Aiwa looked at those two maids on night duty, although they were wearing thick gowns, from their exposed faces, Aiwa could make out that these lassies were very delicate. With vivid eyes, exposing their pure white neck skin, a spacious gown wrapped their body, making Aiwa unable to see whether or not they had an exquisite figure.

[You are the Generalissimo’s man, if only you wish, please … …]

These two girls were already aware of the relationship between Aiwa and their Generalissimo. Listening to the passionate act between Wuya and Aiwa just now, these two maids were extremely envious. After all they were at the age of first awakening of love, which girl didn’t yearn of love? Moreover, Aiwa’s appearance was tall and sturdy filled with confidence, and his attractive looks had already made these two girl’s hearts go out of control.

The two girls were standing at the two sides of the army tent entrance, they had already untied their spacious gowns, and Aiwa reached out his hand to grope the bosom within it, those ample breasts felt very soft and tepid under the thin underwear. The girl was flustered after Aiwa grabbed and fondled her bosom, making her release low moans.


Aiwa kneaded that maid’s breast and asked.

[Very comfortable … …]

The girl replied while trembling.

However, he quickly withdrew his hand, stretching it towards the other maid’s bosom. Her breast was also full of softness, like an elastic fresh steamed bun. He forcefully gripped it, that girl’s body simply tightened.

[Oh … …]

She moaned very softly, afraid of letting it reach the Generalissimo inside the tent.

Under the boundless sky, Aiwa could clearly see that maid’s excited face, when his big hand kneaded her breast under the undergarment, tears appeared in her eyes due to the excitement.

Aiwa’s big hands kneaded her breasts at the same time, then let go of her, however, she was reluctant to let go and closed her gown, wishing to continue.

[Find a stool for me to sit down; your thin and weak body will be unable to bear my weight.]

Aiwa said.

One maid immediately brought a pew* from the tent, placing it under Aiwa’s buttocks. Aiwa removed his shoes, stretching them forwards towards a maid’s bosom, letting her soft breasts warm his feet, and he leaned his upper body in another maid’s embrace.

*TLN: Pew: a long bench with a back, placed in rows in the main part of some churches to seat the congregation.

Those two maids were only wearing thin undergarments under that thick gown worn to resist the wind. Right now, Aiwa lifted the maid’s undergarment, lowering that girl’s body, Aiwa held her nipple. Actually, Aiwa’s big mouth was almost capable of eating half of her breast inside his mouth.

[Oh … …]

After the girl’s nipple was held, her whole body went limp. Aiwa sucked her nipple, and lifted his head and smiled towards the girl.

The two girls came near each other, this way; they could perfectly protect Aiwa, not letting any night wind invade him. Aiwa also matched them by huddling up; letting his feet get wrapped up inside the girl’s embrace as much as possible. Merely he wasn’t well behaved, from time to time; he used his toe to press that girl’s soft breast twice, making that excited like the girl who breast was being sucked.

Beira was sitting at a region 100m away from Kayseri’s army tent. She couldn’t look at the affair happening outside the tent, she also didn’t want to look. She was only thinking that her mama was very fickle, unexpectedly sending away her beloved man to Wuya. Although Wuya was respected by her, and was a military office she was fond of, furthermore, from her observation, Wuya was loyal and devoted towards Kayseri; however, feelings were always selfish.

If the counterpart was Lucy or Lumen, she could seize the man from them, like how she took away Aiwa in the evening from Lucy’s tent. However, the person fighting over her lover was Wuya; this caused a contradiction in Beira’s heart. If Aiwa and Wuya got married, then that would mean that she would have to find another man as a husband. AS the Princess, she couldn’t have a common husband with her mother’s subordinate military officer.

Although the night was peaceful, Beira’s heart was experiencing one climax after another. She would rather wait in this cold wind, than return inside the army tent.

Aiwa lied down in the maid’s embrace for a long time, falling asleep, listening to his snoring sleeping sound made those two yearning for love girls smile endlessly. That girl whose breast was held in used her fine and glossy small hand to caress Aiwa’s face, and the other maid massaged his feet with her breasts.

A wave of cold wind came over, making Aiwa’s body tremble, he immediately became clear headed.

[How long did I sleep?]

Aiwa suddenly recalled a matter.

[For some time.]

The maid was unable to say the exact time. [The Princess?]

Aiwa came down from these maids body.

[Still like that.]

One of the maids spoke. After thinking he realized, if the Princess returned, how could these maids surrounding him not rouse him up?

Aiwa wrapped a gown around his body, and walked over towards that pure white region. Although the wind wasn’t as intense as before, however it still blew against his gown.

A rustling sound was issued as his feet stepped on the land, that noise came from behind Beira, coming more and more near to her.

Beira was unable to settle down after waiting this one night, however, she still resisted her tears, not letting them fall down. As she was Tanzya’s Princess, she had to be strong.

Aiwa’s heavy and powerful footsteps stooped beside her.

[Your mama is right, she is thinking for the stability of this thin grassland as well as for your future. She surely wants to pass on this thin grasslands supreme power to her daughter Beira. Only if you have power, then you can have the thing you desire.]

Aiwa stood there as if he was speaking to the night sky; however this made Beira suddenly come over to himself. She slowly lifted her head, looking at the tall Aiwa.

Aiwa sat down at her side. The night wind was blowing towards Beira, bringing her charming body fragrance towards Aiwa; that sweet scent penetrated deeply into his heart.

[Then … …  do you love me?]

Beira asked suddenly. This wasn’t a question ought to be raised by a child, in fact there wasn’t any need for Aiwa to reply, she ought to be capable of understanding. She was an adorable Little Princess; her body had many characteristics which Aiwa was fond of, not only because she was beautiful, but also because she was strong.

The blowing night wind had already dishevelled her hair, but this made her better-looking. Her slim face seemed more delicate and pretty within the cold night; Aiwa could conclude that this girl would surely become rather extraordinary in the future.

[I love all those who love me.]

Aiwa thought a bit and replied to Beira.

There were small green lanterns floating within the wilderness.

Relying on her experience, Beira judged that these were a small group of wolfs seeking food. They were approximately several 100m away from this place, after leisurely swimming in the pond, they disappeared within the cluster of thorns.

Aiwa leaned behind Beira’s back, opening his gown wide, waiting for Beira to enter within it and embrace his bosom……

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