Dragon Blood Warrior – Volume 2 Chapter 7

Volume 2 Chapter 7: This Hass Man Is Mine

As Tanzya’s leader, Kayseri never took part in the struggle between her subordinates, consisting of the matter regarding this Favargo’s supreme commander. She used an acquiescent style to give Aiwa as a present to Lucy and Lumen, inside the whole Tanzya tribe, there weren’t any men left who were able to satisfy the libido of these two women, it was the so-called getting used to somebody’s taste, by bestowing this spoils of war brought by Wuya this time to these two female generals, they would more energetically fight for Tanzya’s benefit.

[It seems you aren’t happy with me giving away your spoils of war?]

Kayseri gently caressed Wuya’s thin shoulders, from her expression; she could see that Wuya didn’t like the decision of sending Aiwa to these unusually intense women. Although Wuya didn’t understand male-female matters, but after the experience of having sex with Aiwa at Favargo, it had already sprouted feelings in her towards Aiwa, but she was after all a young lady, and when these adult women were fighting over a man, which Tanzya girl would be able to speak out.

[I merely don’t like that Lumen’s overbearing style, this man was obviously brought back by me … …]

Wuya was unable to speak out an adequate reason.

[When you were captured, they didn’t bully you right?]

Kayseri faced Wuya and asked, that gaze looked like she was interrogating her.

Wuya was unable to avoid this question, if she found that she had conceived Aiwa’s child, then how would she be able to deceive the leader? This moment of silence had already answered Kayseri.

[The let those two take revenge for you!]

Kayseri spoke with hate. A Tanzya girl was raped by a man from Favargo, this was naturally a disgrace for Tanzyanians, so, letting these unusual sexually capable Lumen and Lucy two persons violently rape this Favargo’s head, was an impartial measure.

Kayseri couldn’t let Wuya go and rape Aiwa, after looking at his tall stature, she really didn’t know how painful it would be if this guy’s dick was inserted inside this girl’s vagina.

Wuya sadly walked over to her tent. Kayseri specially took notice of her walking manner; it seemed as if there wasn’t problem. Don’t tell me this Hass man’s wares and stature weren’t of the same proportion? Kayseri was puzzled and shook her head.

The curtain of night slowly rose up from the horizon, hiding all the Tanzya tents under it, everything became unclear in the ashy mist, besides the warning sentinels, everyone went inside their tents, having an early meal, squeezing into their warm beds.

Since several hundred years past Tanzyanians had already formed a habit, no matter when, someone was always assigned for warning in all four directions, just in case any wind was moving around, the Tanzyanians inside the tents would immediately come out, mounting a horse and throwing themselves into the fight while carrying their blades. It was due their highly vigilant nature, that they were able to exist on this land, even if the surrounding big empires had sent a punitive force towards them; they never had the strength to injure them.

This was a very strange group; a man basically didn’t have any status or right of speech. On this land, a man was merely a tool to carry on the ancestral line, very difficult to satisfy a woman’s libido; even if a man’s libido was very strong, but the common circumstances were that their sexual capabilities weren’t that large, often making their women more and more irritated.

Therefore, after Aiwa was knocked out by Wuya, an idea to obtain Aiwa rose in the hearts of many Tanzya women, merely thinking of their position and power, it was still insufficient to request Aiwa, thus, during the whole meeting, only Lumen and Lucy were able to obtain this spoils of war.

Regarding gold, silver, money and valuables, Kayseri didn’t care much about them, but this Favargo’s leader gave rise to her attention, but as the chief, she couldn’t always thinks of her benefit, after Lumen and Lucy expressed their wish to receive Aiwa, it wouldn’t be good for the leader to speak anything else.

Kayseri only lied down in her nightwear, not sleeping, she rested he head on the pillow looking pensive. [Mama, I heard you sent the Favargo senior officer older sister Wuya caught to Lucy and Lumen, you are the leader, why haven’t you set him aside for yourself?]

Lying beside Kayseri was a maroon haired young lady; those beautiful deep blue eyes shining in the darkness due to the oil lamp could captivate any man. Her chest wasn’t completely developed; through her skin-tight clothing two small hills were visible on her slightly bulging chest.

[It’s because mama is the leader that I can’t fight over this with other people, understood?]

Kayseri caressed her daughter’s head. She wasn’t able to convince even herself using this explanation.

Her daughter made a half-understood wink, [Then if I become the leader, I’ll be the first to enjoy all the spoils of war!]

A more than 10-year-old girl clearly couldn’t understand her mother’s wishes.

Kayseri laughed, pulling the quilt over that slightly bulging daughter’s small chest. The Tanzyanians tents were scattered, this was favourable during an emergency situation, but the tents of a few important generals were always near the leader’s tent. If someone inside a tent shouted loudly, then the persons in the other tents could clearly hear them. This was also for the purpose of combat.

Although Lumen’s figure was strong, she was very tactful about one matter, she knew Lucy was Kayseri’s front crimson man, therefore she didn’t want to offend her, since she demanded this Hass empire man, she had no choice to wrong herself and share this man, letting Lucy also take a bite of the bread.

All the tents of Tanzya’s main higher ranked officers were much bigger than those of other higher ranked officers; this was similar to their authority. It was also because being able to obtain this privilege, that many talented Tanzyanians were encouraged and did their best to practice martial arts, to raise their position.

Lumen and Lucy entered the tent; Lucy had already finished her bath, lying on the couch wearing a wide gown over her shoulders. And two maids were bathing Aiwa on behalf of him. There was a brazier in the middle of the tent; coal was burning inside it, making the whole tent warm while letting a person feel sleepy.

Lumen had also already changed her battle gown, wearing a gorgeous skirt dress worn on holidays, that full body skirt clothes hid her sturdy muscles, giving a feel as if she was changed with another person, seeming somewhat softer. Although she was widely known as being barbarous, she was also a beautiful woman. At the very least her well-rounded breasts would very pleasantly receive a man’s favour.

Not being polite to Lucy, Lumen sat down on Lucy’s wide bed. Their two gazes fell on Aiwa’s body, which was in the middle of receiving a bath.

Since Aiwa woke up, he knew it was useless to resist, so, he obediently listened to these Tanzya woman’s arrangements, he undressed when he was told to undress, he stood where he was told to stand, sat where he was told to sit, he had no thoughts of accepting any physical pain. He knew what he had done to Wuya, their reprisals were unavoidable, but before receiving their reprisals, he was a bit lucky, stirring up these two woman’s anger.

Those two maids carefully scrubbed Aiwa’s robust skin, when their fingers touched the long thing in between Aiwa’s crotch, they couldn’t help but think of wiping it obtaining a bit of profit. Although these two maids responsible for bathing couldn’t be regarded as beautiful women within Tanzya; however they couldn’t be loathed by Aiwa; especially their already developed twin peaks, seeing them made Aiwa’s libido quickly surge up.

Those two maids alternately scrubbed Aiwa’s thick meat spear, as if they were conscientiously doing their duty. [Don’t think I’m not looking, you haven’t finished groping his body using this chance, but we can’t wait anymore!]

Lumen was already impatient after seeing those two maids continuously rub at Aiwa’s long thing between his crotch.

Especially when Lumen saw that long thing between his crotch expand not being able to fit their two hands after receiving the maids caress, her heart’s desire became more intense, the place between her legs already becoming a bit moist. She couldn’t help but extend one of her hands to fondle her plump and erect breasts.

[Yes, general, it’s done.]

After those two maids heard the angry Lumen, they didn’t dare to slack, speeding up their washing speed, after cleaning the bathing liquid left on Aiwa’s body, they went to one side.

[Lumen, you contrarily are very impatient! Otherwise, why don’t you go first, I will look from here? Going again after waiting for you to finish playing and satisfying your desire is also not late.]

Although she was present in front of Lumen, Lucy still tried to be relatively superior, at least when they were sharing the benefits, Lucy always showed a bit of magnanimity towards Lumen. She was still lying on top of the couch, indifferently waiting to have a look at Aiwa’s and Lumen’s good show.

[Hass man, quickly come over, lick here twice for this old woman!]

Lumen shifted her body on top of Lucy’s bed, she lifted her legs, exposing her snow white skin, Aiwa was directly facing her, seeing that she didn’t wear anything under her skirt, looking at her jet-black underbrush.

Aiwa didn’t dislike licking a woman’s pussy, but he disliked this kind of yelling woman. He thought this Tanzya woman was calling him as if she was calling an ox, so, when he was walking towards the bedside, an ominous glint couldn’t help but arise inside his eyes.

[What? still haven’t received your anger after becoming a captive? If you serve this old woman well, can’t say you can still receive a reward, if not, be careful of eating sufferings at this old woman’s hand!]

Lumen neither negatively nor positively said, her two legs hadn’t parted; rather she waited for Aiwa to come serve her.

Aiwa came in front of the bed, he still thought of crawling on the bed, but Lumen obstructed her with her foot: [No, do it from the front of the bed.]

Aiwa hesitated a bit, standing there; he reached out his hand to pull up Lumen’s skirt. If speaking of figure, Lumen could be regarded as a beautiful woman, her two long legs didn’t have a bit excess flesh, when she huddled her legs, the muscles on top of her thighs extended towards her crotch. Aiwa really doubted whether or not her vagina and labia were also made of powerful muscles, capable of snapping off his big meat rod.

Aiwa used both hands to pull her knees, if he used his full force to strike now, he was absolutely capable of cleaving open this Tanzya woman’s legs, at the same time splitting open her body into two half’s.

However Aiwa didn’t do that, after all this woman possessed some beauty, furthermore her libido was also strong, generally the energy of woman with intense libido was also vigorous, it would be better to use this chance to have sex with her, absorbing a portion of energy inside her body and supplying it to train his own dou qi. These high ranking women officers weren’t ordinary women, their bodies were already capable of gathering moonlight essence, although it couldn’t be compared to Ruth, but it was absolutely a hundredfold ahead of ordinary women.

Although Lucy was calm on the surface, but her quiet heart was also a bit puzzled by Aiwa’s vigorous and thick body, inside the Tanzya tribe, when was there someone with such well-developed muscles? Again where would someone go to seek such a handsome man? Especially that long thing between his crotch, which Tanzya man was able to be his equal?

Aiwa had also heard, although Tanzya men could last a bit longer, they couldn’t compare to Hass men in terms of length, let alone how could they compare to a deity like Aiwa, it was like speaking of two things on the same day.

And compared to Lumen, Lucy could be said to be a fairy descended from the heavens. Not only was her figure slim, but her skin was exquisite and flexible, those pretty cheeks would draw the envy of every person within the female generals, her deep blue eyes, looked like two clear springs, again seemed like two deep lakes. If her that sight went over once, it was sufficient to instakill all the men in the whole world.

Right now she was lying there, with a simple night-gown covered over her body, and her tall peaks propped up together, that appearance could make a man’s heart surge up.

After looking at Lucy’s tempting figure and charming eyes, Aiwa’s yang root instantly became hard, it seemed more elated than the time it was caressed by those two maids. Aiwa secretly used his yin technique, in a moment, a pink fog pervaded inside the tent, only Lumen and Lucy weren’t able to see this fog, they didn’t possess such deep insight, they could only feel their libido expand quickly.

Aiwa slowly separated Lumen’s long legs, exposing her hungry pussy, lowering his head; Aiwa lightly licked once on top of her vulva which was already dripping with nectar, Lumen couldn’t help but give out a happy moan. [Oh — — your tongue is very unusual — —]

Lumen ridiculously twisted her body, expressing her fondness towards Aiwa’s mouth, especially his tongue’s tip. Furthermore, right now Aiwa’s yin technique had already shown its effect; in fact Aiwa mostly focused his yin technique on Lucy lying on the couch, because Aiwa could handle Lumen at this side using his mouth.

When Aiwa was licking Lumen’s pussy, two small snakes flew out of the pink mist entering under Lucy’s nightgown, teasing her sensitive location.

Aiwa’s tongue was similar to a powerful brush, sweeping on top of Lumen’s vulva; this made her body shiver in waves, at the same time making the sexual secretions inside that cave flow out majestically.

Aiwa was able to smell her cave mouth’s smell, because she had just taken a bath, it still emitted the smell of a bathing liquid made from a compound of aromatic herbs.

[Aiwa, quickly pierce me, it’s itching inside — —]

In front of a captive like Aiwa, there wasn’t a need for Lumen to be embarrassed; she knew a robust man like Aiwa could give pleasure to both her body and soul.

Aiwa obeyed the order, supporting his long thing, using one hand to hold it, letting that thick glans penis grind Lumen’s cave mouth dripping with sexual secretions.[Wu — —]

Lumen’s body writhed.

And Lucy was also unable to keep lying on the couch, she felt as if her whole body was being caressed all over by a man’s two big hands, kneading and pinching her, especially her breasts and the cave below were this way. But she wasn’t extreme like Lumen, merely endured silently and secretly moaned.

[Pu zi] Aiwa loosened his hand, straightening his buttocks, that long thing immediately rammed inside Lumen’s opening and closing flesh hole.

That flesh hole was very deep, all of a sudden taking in more than half of Aiwa’s thick thing before it was obstructed.

[Very painful] Aiwa secretly shouted in his heart, furthermore he immediately felt the pincer attack from Lumen’s flesh hole. In order to prove the powerful wind of a Hass man, Aiwa directly pierced that pike towards Lumen’s deeply hidden flower bud!

[Oh — — a very powerful one] Lumen’s jade neck couldn’t help but move back, at the same time a strong and powerful contraction burst at her pussy, closely clamping on Aiwa’s thick rod. Although Tanzya woman were fierce, but Aiwa’s younger brother was also not to be trifled with, that thickness, length, firmness, were all things Tanzya men were unable to compare with.

[Aah — — I’ve never experienced so much pleasure — — very thick — —]

Lumen already took the initiative to take off the nightgown Aiwa had lifted until her belly, exposing her snow-white jade flesh; her two great mountains were quite flexible, moving on top of her snow-white chest, those two nipples were standing erect as if they were ripened mulberry fruits. Aiwa extended his hand, grabbing those two big meat buns.

[Wu — — oh — — fierce — —]

Lumen cried out.

Beside the big bed, Lucy was using her hand to fondle her well rounded chest, lightly massaging her two erect breasts, not a bit having a proper lady’s appearance. Then she stretched her other hand under her skirt, passionately caressing at a woman’s most secret region.

[Oh — —]

A soft bit alluring moan finally came out of Lucy’s mouth. After hearing that moan, Aiwa was very excited, his body suddenly straightened, deeply pounding inside Lumen’s deep cave.

[Aah — –you’ll kill me — —]

Lumen didn’t expect this meat rod to be this ferocious, she immediately felt as if there was a rod stabbing at her uterus, the accompanying intense pleasure and pain couldn’t help but make her shout, those cries rushed out of Lucy’s tent, passing through 10m of air, until they reached inside Kayseri’s tent.

[Mama, isn’t this Lumen’s yelling? You listen to her excited sounds, they seem much unrestrained?]

Beira hadn’t fallen asleep, her mood was the same as her mama; merely there was a disparity in the time of manifestation.

[Beira, this matter doesn’t concern you, you’re still small, you don’t understand, barely relying on my power mama is unable to control other clan’s army.]

Kayseri once more caressed her daughter’s head and said. However right now she was unable to speak of the political struggle inside the Tanzya tribe to her insensible daughter, she simply couldn’t understand.

[Ma, I understand, the reason they are so rampant, is that they haven’t held you as their leader from the start, if they still revered you, the right thing would have been to deliver that captive Favargo’s leader to you!]

Beira seemed like a strategist who had already understood the power workings, regarding her mama’s forbearance, she couldn’t comprehend. It was quite clear, if she was to become the leader in the future, she would never let this kind of thing happen.

The sound of Lucy’s joyful yelling and Lucy’s moaning provoked Kayseri who couldn’t fall asleep, it wasn’t that she liked to be held by Aiwa, rather she couldn’t enjoy the thing which made a Tanzya woman most excited, that made her feel a bit wronged.

Beira suddenly crawled from the bed, going outside wearing a gown. [Beira, where are you going?]

Kayseri immediately yelled at her daughter.

[Shoot! To relieve myself.]

Beira only wore a gown, not wearing anything at her waist and rushed out.

There wasn’t a washing space inside the tent, Kayseri couldn’t help but deeply sigh.

Lucy was inside the tent, those two women Lumen and Lucy were releasing lewd sounds, because right now Aiwa was alternately thrusting inside both of these women. That thick meat rod was vigorously piercing those two female chiefs making them give out loud shouts. They were never pierced by a man like this, that excitation and pleasure made them give out uncontrollable loud shouts.

After looking at Beria coming over, the two maids standing outside immediately bowed their heads, lifting the entrance curtain to the tent.

[Please princess.]

Beira went in without glancing sideways, after seeing those two female chiefs suffering terribly under Aiwa’s drilling; she couldn’t help but feel disgusted.

As she entered the tent, it seemed as if the whole atmosphere inside the tent froze, those two excited women suddenly felt one kind of choking oppression.

Lucy first crawled from under Aiwa’s body and stood up: [Princess Beira!]

She hurriedly covered her private positions with her clothes, covering her flesh hole which was already flowing with sexual secretions after getting excited by Aiwa. After seeing crawl up from the bed, Lumen also couldn’t help but stop crying out: [What happened?]

She asked the stunned Lucy. Lucy gave a signal to her; Lumen also quickly crawled up from the bed.

It seemed that Beira’s prestige had more intimidating power than her mother, she didn’t even speak, at once making Lumen’s lust quickly decrease. Right now Aiwa’s thick meat rod was still inserted deep inside Lumen’s flesh hole flooded with sexual secretions.

[Princess Beira has what matter here?]

Lumen slowly loosened her flesh hole, pulling her buttocks backwards, letting Aiwa’s meat rod break away from her body. Although these two persons dared to be rampant in front of Kayseri, but in front of this Princess Beria, they had no choice to exercise a bit of restraint, because, Kayseri would always consider the bigger picture, giving some face to these outstanding female chiefs, but this little princess never considered their feelings always using the privilege of being the princess.

[Give this Hass man to me!]

Beira quickly turned around to leave after saying this; those two maids bowed sending her off.

[Deliver at once deliver, who asked the other person to be the princess!]

Lumen without any choice covered her body with the nightgown. After getting used to Aiwa’s thick rod she seemed a bit reluctant to part with it. She had just received her first orgasm. [Go.]

Lumen patted Aiwa’s buttocks, letting him get down the bed.

[Let him wear some clothes, we cannot let him go naked like this.]

Lucy said. Her thoughts were always a bit thoughtful.

Following the two maids, Aiwa was delivered to Kayseri’s tent.

[Generalissimo, we have a person to deliver here.]

The two maids held Aiwa and entered inside Kayseri’s tent. Right now the mother-daughter Kayseri and Beira were lying on the warm bed.

Kayseri immediately understood what the matter was, just now Beira didn’t go out to relieve herself, rather went to get the person for her.

[Beira, how can you be like this?]

Kayseri coquettishly protested.

[Originally he should have been enjoyed by you first. You are the Generalissimo!]

Beira not accepting the anger gave a compliment to her mother in return. Aiwa saw the charming Kayseri wearing only nightgown attire, half of her chest was exposed outside, when Aiwa came in, she still hadn’t covered up, as she didn’t have the need to cover herself in front of a captive.

Although Aiwa was wearing a cotton gown, but that standing up meat spear had already made Kayseri clear about its size. [Return and say to Lumen, I thank her and Lucy.]

Kayseri waved her hands towards the two maids, she didn’t want to argue with her daughter now, moreover the man was already delivered, and it would be useless to again return him. Furthermore, she also thought that her daughter’s method was also not improper.

The two maids hurriedly made a [Yes] sound and withdrew.

Aiwa didn’t receive Kayseri’s command, so he stood there without any option. Although this tent was big, but when compared to his tall height, standing there gave an oppressive feel to the tent’s mistress. [You come over.]

Kayseri waved her hand towards Aiwa.

When Aiwa stood in front of her, the rising place in front of his crotch gave rise to her attention. Her sight couldn’t help but get fixed at there.

Aiwa had just recently sucked in the essence from Lucy and Lumen’s body, right now he was filled with energy all over, becoming very spirited. His blue eyes were also mysteriously looking at the reclining mother-daughter pair on the bed, although Beira’s figure wasn’t developed, her budding beauty was also quite charming, Aiwa naturally thought of putting this humble child showing a commander-in-chief’s elegance in order together with her mother.

Looking at her slightly bulging small chest, as well as the outline of her long legs covered by the thin quilt, Aiwa’s lust was similar to pouring oil on burning firewood, raging and igniting. His meat spear inside the cotton gown couldn’t help but rise once more.

Kayseri concluded, making Lumen and Lucy those two vigorous women excited, was surely this chap!

[What are you doing not taking off that gown; don’t you want to warm up inside this tent?]

Kayseri’s expression was serious; however her voice was exceptionally gentle.

[I still haven’t received generalissimo’s command.]

Right now Aiwa completely didn’t conduct himself as Favargo’s supreme senior officer, and resembled a small soldier under Kayseri’s tent.

Kayseri laughed satisfactorily: [Take off, you can come and sleep at my side.]

Kayseri’s finger pointed to her right side, to the left was her daughter. Kayseri still didn’t know Beira used her title as Tanzya’s princess and demanded Aiwa, if she knew; she would have admired her daughter’s handling capability even more.

Kayseri dared to hold this Favargo region’s supreme senior officer and sleep while embracing, this was proof of the incomparable confidence she had in herself as Tanzya’s Generalissimo, she knew there were many persons inside Hass empire who could use dou qi, but she didn’t believe this 17, 18-year-old big boy would have any techniques, he would have at most received the Queen’s reward because his father was the empire’s important general, so, in Kayseri’s eyes, Aiwa was only a child.

Kayseri hadn’t slept with a man in a long time, her body was like a parched sapling, urgently needing a man’s moistness, since this big boy was improbable to have any danger, she thought of enjoying as much she wanted, but her heart had already formulated a plan, she was improbable to loudly call out like Lumen and Lucy, that would make her lose her elegance as the generalissimo, moreover her daughter was still at her side.

However, sleeping while hugging this kind of robust man was a wonderful thing; something to be envied. Her sleeping with Aiwa this one night, was to show her might as the generalissimo to those women longing for a man, Lucy and Lumen, giving out unrestrained calls like animals by just a man’s touch.

Aiwa took of his cotton gown, immediately exposing his darling which could excite a Tanzya woman with one look. Beira was dumbstruck after looking. She imagined, if this more than 1 chi longer chap stabbed inside her body, wouldn’t it make her unable to breathe!

Kayseri lifted her quilt letting Aiwa lie at her right side.

Aiwa squeezed into Kayseri’s embrace, stretching his hands to grab her big breasts, although separated by a layer of clothes, after that one hold, Kayseri’s body immediately went limp. [Oh — —]

Kayseri gave out an unrestrained moan.


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