Dragon Blood Warrior – Volume 2 Chapter 6

Volume 2 Chapter 6: How to Handle

Although the pumping rhythm was slow from the beginning, since Aiwa’s thing was very thick, its will wasn’t reduced even one fold under the support of General Wuya’s tight flesh wall, there wasn’t a single place left where his meat rod hadn’t rubbed around, therefore, Wuya very quickly welcomed her first climax.

She used all of her might to clamp on him, a burst of jade liquid spraying out from the abyss, that unrestrained spurt not only raised General Wuya’s pleasure to its extremity, it also increased Aiwa’s libido, the female hormones inside those sex fluids seemed somewhat unusual, in a flash provoking Aiwa adding onto to his libido, that originally long and large meat spear suddenly extended another section, its thickness almost making it unable to pump anymore.

[Ahh — I’m so comfortable — — pierce me more quickly — —]

Right now Wuya had already tasted the wonderful feeling of getting rammed by a man, she was quite unwilling for Aiwa to stop, actually it wasn’t that Aiwa wanted to stop, rather her pussy had already bound his meat rod unable to let him budge, neither able to go forward, nor come out.

[Baby, you’re clamping very tightly, I’m unable to move it!]

Aiwa stooped down his lower body kissing her fragrant neck, thinking of letting her relax a bit. However, the situation originally wasn’t on her body, rather at his Aiwa’s, and he was unable to will his meat rod to return, it was only possible if was able to feel loath towards Wuya, but this was an impossible affair, a girl could only become more pleasant at this time, let alone Wuya’s original beauty was enough to let a man’s imagination run wild.

Right now her nude body lied down under Aiwa, every tiny reaction of her beautiful nude body made Aiwa endlessly excited.

There was only one way, that was for Aiwa to use his [Reverse Yin Technique] to break his desire. The problem was, Aiwa had only learned about this mind cultivation method, and never used it, he didn’t know whether after using this mind cultivation method, it will or not make his penis unable to rise, unable to show a man’s might. The big thing down at his crotch was his biggest pride, without it, he didn’t know whether he would have the confidence to follow his future path.

But right now his meat rod was stuck inside Wuya’s body, neither able to go forward, nor able to come out, very painful, and Wuya needed him to thrust.

Wuya was already anxious, she with great effort moved her body, thinking of approaching Aiwa’s thick meat spear, but whenever her body moved, Aiwa’s meat rod followed behind, not at all going up to pierce her flower bud. [What’s up with you?]

After Wuya saw Aiwa sweating all across his face, she was a bit anxious. [It’s nothing, you — — are very tight, I’m unable to move it.]

He struggled to say.

[It’s itching to death inside me, quickly pierce my pussy — —]

Wuya wasn’t convinced, two person’s goods were long pieces of flesh that’s all, how could they not move?

Aiwa no longer listened to Wuya’s nagging; he closed his eyes, silently reading the reverse yin technique mind cultivation method. After some time, his yang root really shrank a lot.

But the regretful thing was, the shrunken yang root immediately softened, and Wuya’s pussy tightened more, he couldn’t insert it inside!

If just now not being able to come out was Aiwa’s worry, then now not being able to insert it made the two persons anxious. Even trying several times didn’t work. Apparently this time it was going to be bit difficult.

[Wuya, why don’t you use your mouth and try?]

Aiwa sat on the floor while sighing. [How?]

Wuya looked puzzled and asked Aiwa.

[Like in the beginning, use your mouth to lick it, suck it; see whether it can get hard again.]

Aiwa didn’t wish to use his dou qi, naturally also use his physical strength or zhen yuan, right now he wasn’t sure whether Wuya was going to meekly obey him, god knows whether or not she was planning to use a honey trap and escape? If it was like that, then the consequences could be disastrous, it would be throwing away his life. Because there wasn’t a single person who would knowingly be willing to become a captive.

Hearing Aiwa’s request, Wuya instantly agreed without hesitation, she had already used her small mouth to eat Aiwa’s banana, it wasn’t her first time again? Let alone her lower body was still itching, she needed Aiwa to continuously thrust inside her.

Aiwa sat down on the floor, separating his two legs, allowing Wuya to lean forward between his legs, stooping towards his genitalia, those snow white breasts pressed against his thigh, red lips slightly opened, taking in the soft willed meat rod inside the mouth, and slowly taking it in and out.

She swallowed Aiwa’s meat rod, lifting he head, using her beautiful eyes to look at Aiwa. Aiwa liked her current appearance, along with her small mouth taking it in and out and using her creamy small tongue to lick it, Aiwa’s meat rod gradually became hard again. A surprised expression also appeared on Wuya’s face, she didn’t expect her small mouth to have this kind of ability, immediately making the already soft meat rod erect.

[Wuya you’re really a pro!]

Aiwa cheerfully pushed his buttocks, letting that meat rod reach the depths of Wuya’s small mouth. [Now you can pierce me right?]

Wuya already took out the moist and dripping meat rod, holding it in her hand and asked. [Can.]

Aiwa once more pushed Wuya to the floor, splitting open her snow white beautiful legs, inserting his thick and hard meat rod inside her flesh hole dripping with sexual secretions.

[Oh — really comfortable —]

Wuya closed her eyes happily, and raised her two legs, letting Aiwa pierce more deeply, and pound above her tender flower bud.

Aiwa one side kneaded this Tanzya girl’s breasts, while thrusting inside her pussy, that pleasure couldn’t be explained in words. Wuya was also lost inside the happiness, her lovely body writhing, moaning unceasingly.

Wuya’s flesh hole constantly contracted, Aiwa’s meat rod became more firm. Aiwa neither slowly nor quickly, pounded her pussy, very quickly making her pussy release her nectar.

[Oh — — faster — — deeper — — it’s itching inside ah — —]

Wuya happily moved her beautiful body, her two hands feeling Aiwa’s body disorderly.

Soon the moment was going to come, Aiwa thought of letting Wuya match with him. So, silently read the mind cultivation method, moving his dou qi, passing half of it to Wuya.

Aiwa was going to transmit the energy to Wuya by ejaculation. A small mouth had already bloomed in front of Wuya’s flower bud; Aiwa madly rammed his meat rod towards the flower bud, shooting his semen inside her uterus.

Wuya’s cervix violently pulled back, immediately feeling her strength increase all over. At this time she suddenly thought of escaping.

Any captive remained quiet when they didn’t have the power to escape; however, when she found she was able to use her strength once more, her heart began to stir restlessly.

Due to Aiwa sending his energy, Wuya and Aiwa fought fiercely for another two hours.

Aiwa liked this girl very much, he really thought of having another round with her.

[Wuya, why don’t I pierce you again in a moment?]

Aiwa stopped his lower body, pressing against her enticing naked body, fondling her well developed breasts. [I’m willing, I’m willing to let you pierce me again, and it’s very pleasurable! Merely I don’t know whether my physical strength will be able to match you? Right! Just now I was already drained, why did my power increase suddenly?]

[Of course it’s because I sent my energy inside your body.]

Aiwa said. [Can you send it to me again? I want to continue having sex with you!]

Her face revealed a lovely and tempting expression. [Isn’t that simple? I have the final say on this!]

Aiwa once more sent a portion of energy by ejaculating inside Wuya’s body.

However, When Aiwa sent his energy inside Wuya’s body, he clearly felt a bit exhausted, and at the time of sending it again, even Wuya also felt that he looked like his strength couldn’t bear it anymore.

[What’s up? Weren’t you powerful just now! I want you to ruthlessly pierce me!]

Wuya thought of sounding out whether or not Aiwa’s physical strength really overdraft.

[No — — It’s nothing — —]

Aiwa covered up his weakness, exposing his complete strength, would be really dangerous. At this moment if he wanted to bind Wuya again, it would be very difficult.

[The let me ride you, can I?]

She heard that when a man and woman had sex, women would also be on top, although she hadn’t seen it, but she could try.

Aiwa really thought of resting on the floor. So he quickly lied on the ground, letting Wuya ride on top of him, he saw Wuya earnestly kneading his meat rod and then insert it inside her pussy, slowly encasing it.

[Oh — — this kind is also pretty good — —]

Wuya went up and down, her two swinging breasts appearing very charming.

Aiwa’s eyes attentively watched Wuya’s snow white chest, his two hands caressed her underbelly, sometimes using his finger to roll the pubic hair under her underbelly; it was very pleasing.

Wuya one side encased Aiwa’s meat rod, while looking all around, she was looking for an escape route.

Her eyes suddenly became bright; on top of the wall was a common Tanzya plant, black aromatic herb. It could be used as an anaesthetic medicinal herb, when someone sustained injuries, chewing this thin grass inside their mouth could make all their pain disappear. If taken too much, this thing could cause a person to lose consciousness. [What’s on the wall?]

Wuya attentively watched the black aromatic herb on the wall. Aiwa followed her sight looking towards the small grass of a plant on the wall. [I don’t know.]

Aiwa really didn’t know what it was, because he wasn’t familiar with the local conditions and customs of Favargo, he naturally didn’t know the medicinal use of the plant’s here.

[Right! that thing seems to be an aphrodisiac grass, in our Tanzya tribe, someone used this thing to seduce an aunt, a young married woman. Let’s eat it together; I want to have another round with you.]

[You pick them up.]

Aiwa’s spirit was already down, right now he didn’t even have the strength to crawl up, he regretted sending his energy to Wuya twice. Right now he wanted to use the aphrodisiac grass on the wall to freshen up; so as to not become this girl’s captive.

Wuya lifted her buttocks, letting Aiwa’s long thing come out of her pussy. Standing from on top of Aiwa’s body, Wuya pulled out three thin pieces of black aromatic herb chewing them inside her mouth.

She once again came down, continuously chewing, waiting until the black aromatic herb leafs became soft inside her mouth, then she kissed Aiwa, letting the juice from that grass completely enter Aiwa’s mouth. And Aiwa thinking of recovering his physical strength simply swallowed that grass juice.

What Aiwa didn’t expect was, his mind began to become dizzy, his body unable to move. Gradually, he lost consciousness.

After Aiwa woke up, it was already the time of sunset. He was on the slippery floor by himself, with no trace of Wuya! Aiwa carelessly wore his clothes, rushing out of the bathroom, he grabbed a soldier, showing him the black aromatic grass he plucked from the bathroom and asked the soldier: [What is this?]

That soldier couldn’t understand why the senior officer was so angry, stammering he said: [Black — black aromatic herb.]

[What’s its use?]

[Ane — — Anaesthetic use!]

Favargo’s soldiers all recognized this grass, because whenever they sustained injuries in battle, when getting treated by the doctor for treatment of fractures, they had no choice but to use this thin grass to lighten their pain.

[Fuck! This small woman dared to cheat daddy!]

TLN: Laozi —-> daddy

[Senior officer, who cheated you?]

The soldier thought that Aiwa was cursing at him, because of his explanation. Aiwa also didn’t speak, pushing the soldier away, he searched everywhere, but he knew, this Tanzya woman must have escaped at dawn, impossible to again fall under his clutches.

The few squads which went out to ambush didn’t receive Aiwa’s order to retreat; they were at their original position. It seems that, before Wuya escaped, those Tanzyanians didn’t come to Favargo to save her. This made Aiwa very disheartened, he believed that by capturing the counterparts high-ranking officer, they would come to rescue, he didn’t expect that Tanzyanians didn’t have even this little bit of conscience!

These Tanzyanians were wise. Since Wuya this kind of high-ranking military officer met with an ambush, it was possible that if Kayseri set out, she could also fall for a trap. Therefore, the Tanzyanians were unwilling to take this risk. Aiwa transmitted the retreat order.

During the evening, all squads returned back. They all reported that no Tanzyanian tried to invade Favargo.

When the enemy was met with an ambush, they would definitely have the mind to make reprisals; however, after meeting with an ambush, they were more on guard, thinking it would be very problematic if they fell into a trap once again.

Aiwa thought of offering Wuya to the Queen and getting promoted, but he didn’t expect Wuya would run away, although he almost threw away his life, it was fortunate that he was still alive.

According to Aiwa’s arrangement, all the mountain passes were filled with traps, if the enemy invaded, although they would lose their lives, during the confusion they could escape, reducing the danger to Favargo.

[Today evening everyone take a good rest. Take note to conserve your physical strength, after two days we’ll again fight with the Tanzyanians!]

Aiwa was unwilling to give up, even if the counterpart didn’t come to challenge, he would take the initiative to take the fight to them, he didn’t believe, those trouble loving Tanzyanians would be willing to take things lying down, not coming to plunder Favargo?

The following day, under Aiwa’s order, Favargo civilians all took rest. The business with those outside the village also became a bit friendly.

An individual charming youngster, walked towards Favargo’s city gate.

His calm and elegance made the few city guards think he was younger brother of some Favargo’s rich family and didn’t inspect him, letting him easily enter the city walls.

This handsome youngster roved around many regions inside the city walls.

After he walked around a few times, he asked someone: [What’s the name of our current magistrate?]

Everyone looked at the handsome youngster, taking the initiative to surround him. [They say it’s a youngster from Montelago City, General Kyle’s son, has courage and schemes, yesterday his plan grabbed one high-ranking female general, however it’s a pity she ran away.]

[What is he called? Who is Kyle again?]

The handsome youngster made a solemn expression, however everyone argued to chat with him. Because they knew from his adornments that he was a rich and powerful family’s son.

[General Kyle is Montelago City’s Supreme Military Senior Officer, is the Queen’s subordinate, Crimson Man! Clearly this Senior Aiwa has boundless prospects!]

Everyone tried to fawn over the handsome youngster, while trying to show off the power behind their senior officer.

[Does senior Aiwa often come outside to experience the circumstances of the people?]

The youngster asked. That tone was as cold as an icy night; merely that voice was soft, resembling a woman.

[Look, isn’t that Senior Aiwa? He came!]

Everyone excitedly stood up. That youngster raised his head, looking at Aiwa walking to this side accompanied by two attendants.

The youngster’s heart couldn’t help but feel ecstasy.

Only the youngster didn’t advance forward to greet, during the brief encounter between him and Aiwa, their sights met for a moment, the youngster’s sight quickly avoided his sight.

Regarding a man, Aiwa never had any interest, let alone his looks almost resembled a woman. Aiwa walked outside the city gate accompanied by the attendants. The youngster soon caught up with them.

It was afternoon; the sun was inclining to the west, almost touching the hilltop. There were mountains all around here, every day the sun was visible for less than 8 hours, therefore, coming to the countryside at this time, enjoying the warm sunshine, was a satisfying affair.

Having confidence in his traps, Aiwa concluded that Tanzyanians wouldn’t try to invade Favargo inside a short term, therefore whenever he went outside he was at ease, like he was leisurely strolling around his courtyard, and didn’t have even the least bit of mental precaution, the reason why he was accompanied by two attendants, was just in order to show his extravagance that’s all, to explain the misunderstanding when someone doesn’t believe he is Favargo’s senior officer.

[Such a beautiful sun!]

When Aiwa was approximately 1 li outside the city, appreciating the sun, he suddenly heard a voice from behind.

Aiwa turned around to look, he saw a youngster standing not far from him, looking at the sun in the sky with fascination, that look seemed very devoted. Right now this youngster gave off a Daoist Immortal kind of graceful feel to others.

[Who are you?]

Aiwa asked. The youngster’s appearance felt somewhat familiar to him, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen this youngster.

[Grand and supreme Regional Senior Officer naturally won’t be able to recognize this small civilian. I am Tule family’s first son, Senior Officer knows or not?]

That youngster payed his respects to Aiwa and confidently looked towards him.

[We’re acquainted?]

Aiwa asked. He again recovered his regional senior officer’s dignity. [What Tule, how would I know. Favargo has a population of more than 20,000, will I be able to recognize everyone?] But Aiwa knew, taking a local post, he had to rely on the power of the local rich families. Without their support, many things couldn’t be done; therefore, just now he was a little bit gentle.

[If senior Aiwa isn’t in a hurry tonight, little brother wishes to accompany you to drink a cup of wine in that small store, afterwards wouldn’t we become acquainted?]

That calling himself as Tule family’s first son youngster pointed towards a nearby small family store and said. [Excuse me; can your senior officer drink?]

Aiwa asked the two attendants accompanying him.

Those attendants didn’t dare to restrict the senior officer’s freedom, even if there was any rule, they were improbable to speak, anyway Aiwa had the final say here, whatever he says was what will happen. So the two attendants tactfully laughed saying: [It seems there isn’t any such rule.]

Actually they also thought of going inside the wine shop, even if they could sniff the flavour inside it was also good. Since there wasn’t any need to pay from their pockets for that.

[That’s good, since this Tule’s noble son is giving a dinner party, I’ll be impolite. Let’s go.]

Aiwa without a least bit of vigilance followed that elegant youngster inside the family wine shop.

Tule’s noble son acted as the host, immediately arranging food and drinks, after the two individuals ate together. The two attendants also sat at another table to eat.

After drinking three rounds of wine, Aiwa suddenly felt dizzy. His consciousness was hazy, thinking of moving his dou qi, he heard that elegant youngster say [Fall] Aiwa stood up swaying like a paper doll.

Aiwa knew he was duped, he assembled all the strength of his body, thinking of attacking the counterpart, however, the amount of dou qi he could use now couldn’t even compare to a tenth of his usual strength, the counterpart didn’t even receive a least bit of injury.

All the persons inside the inn stood up, frightened hiding in a corner, and those two attendants had long ago fallen under the table.

At this time, a few pretty women came inside, flocking, they stiffly lifted Aiwa’s tall figure, carrying him on top of a horse’s back.

That elegant youngster pulled down the turban over the head, revealing a head full of golden hair; originally she was Favargo’s captive from yesterday Wuya!

Wuya quickly mounted the horse, one hand holding the reins, and the other embracing the unconscious Aiwa, urging the horse, the other few women also mounted their warhorses, following behind, disappearing within the dense mountain forest.

Aiwa was tied on the horse’s back, although he was unable to move, his mind was still clear, he knew, this move, was surely done by Tanzyanians. He raped the captive Tanzya high-ranking female general Wuya, how could they leave the matter at that? Their plan to capture him this time; could still have what good fruit to eat? If they didn’t peel his skin then that would be a fortunate thing. Tanzyanian warhorses run very fast, Aiwa’s body lied on the horseback, that shaking made him feel unwell, but he only thirsted to have his life, making him unable to speak.

According to what he knew, counterpart only knocked him out inside the wine shop, and didn’t take his life, if they let him live, he had a chance to escape. But when he was thinking of this, he felt dazed and lost consciousness.

When Aiwa was in a daze, someone lifted him from the horseback, Bang! He was thrown on to the ground from the horseback. Fortunately, he had anti-fall training from when he was small, this physical pain was nothing.

[ Kayseri, this is precisely Favargo’s highest official, I have captured him, how are going to handle this?]

Wuya strong and healthily jumped from the horseback, apparently, Aiwa’s thick meat rod hadn’t injured her body, she stood there, showing a victorious appearance, to say, even Tanzyanians were on the rise, there was never the precedent of someone capturing Favargo’s highest officer, it could be said Wuya was the first to set up this merit.

[First tie him up; we’ll have an open assembly over there.]

The beautiful Kayseri merely glanced towards Aiwa, turning around to the meeting over there. For any major event, the leader assembled a meeting to discuss it. Even if it was Kayseri who had supreme command and power, she was improbable to make an arbitrary decision; it was only done under an emergency situation.

Squads of high-ranking military officers successively entered the conference hall.

Kayseri swept her gaze around the face of every high-ranking military officer present here; her slender and good-looking finger hit the tabletop. Not only did these women look pretty, but their whole body was also extravagant. Almost all Tanzyanian high quality goods were plundered from Favargo by these women, for example the necklace on their necks, as well as the silver ornaments on their body.

[I say kill him, if not, can’t say they’ll again come to rob us, sooner or later bringing a disaster.]

One girl called Hwajiya said, although she looked like she was 17 year old, but she had already charged through the enemy lines more than once, and was also very famous within the Tanzya high-ranking military officers.

[We can kill one small petty Favargo official, but this man is Favargo’s leader, also the son of Hass Empire’s famous General Kyle, if we kill him, isn’t that making enemies between us and the entire Hass Empire, although Queen Sofia wouldn’t lower herself to our level, would General Kyle let us off?]

Kayseri gave a solemn gaze towards Hwajiya, she thought although this girl was an expert in combat, on other aspects her brain didn’t seem to work.

[That doesn’t mean we can let him be our leader? Or raise him; letting him eat our difficult to obtain food?] Hwajiya criticized Kayseri.

Kayseri glanced towards her and didn’t speak anymore, she understood, letting this girl clearly understand was going to take some effort, it seems she had to hold a study camp, raising this small general political consciousness a bit.

[First let’s give him a bit of time, let him promise to loosen our bilateral military defense, or else we won’t let him return!]

Wuya first expressed the idea of not killing Aiwa, after she had her first sex with him, Aiwa’s semen still remained inside her body, she didn’t know whether or not she would bear Aiwa’s child, just in case it happens, what would she say if her child asks why haven’t a father? However she couldn’t speak out her selfishness in front of everyone.

[If Kayseri doesn’t have a plan, then give this gigolo to me as my male love pet, his looks are pretty good, height also pretty big, much better than our Tanzya men.]

An individual not only pretty appearance, but also a amorous and feral 11 year old* woman stood up, the muscles on her arms were proof of her power, her erect twin peaks showed her unusual libido. Looking at her body, she could be considered to be Tanzya strongest woman, her first impression in a man’s mind would be: If a man inserted his long genitals inside her hole, it would surely be clamped to two sections by her!

*TLN: The raws really say she’s 11 year old! Let’s imagine she matured quite fast!

[Lumen, aren’t you being very tyrannical? This person was captured by Wuya, why can you alone take him?]

A very seemingly gentle and weak, but very confident woman said, her figure wasn’t coarse like Lumen, but no one dared to despise her cleverness, although strength wasn’t her forte, but she had a charm which could shake a man.

[That’s also good, if Lucy also likes this gigolo from Hass, I can share with you, we’ll one after one go into battle, it could also be considered as his first punishment, letting him taste our Tanzya woman’s fierceness!]

Although Lumen was more capable than Lucy, speaking of it she was never tough towards Lucy. No matter what affair, if only Lucy comes out, she would always concede.

The appearance of this woman called Lucy could be said to be one of the most beautiful woman in Tanzya, but everyone knew, Lucy’s libido was even more intense and vigorous than Lumen’s, every evening waves of yelling transmitted out of their tents, this was sufficient to let every Tanzyanian know of their fierceness, therefore no man dared to go and provoke these two female generals.

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